What is the correct level for the glittering Grotto?

#1 Posted by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

So I got to the Glittering Grotto last night and was just getting worked over constantly despite having the correct familiars and equipment to counteract ice/water attacks. My Oliver is lvl 34 and I already got the other 2 stones with little to no problems. So I was wondering what lvl other people where when they beat this area. Also if I have to grind, what is a good area to do it in?

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I think I was like 40+ , but I felt overleveled as everything ran away from me and nothing put up much of a fight. You shouldn't need to gain any more than a couple levels. What familiars are you using?

If you need to grind go to Ugly Duckling Island (NE of Ding Dong Dell) and fight a couple Toko's, they give 2,000 exp each. Just make sure to kill them before they run away.

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Maybe you just have bad familiars? Are you still using Mite? He's not very good.

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I was still using Mite at the point and he was doing fine. I didn't replace him until after Nevermore.

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Regarding that Ugly Duckling Island, you can kinda cheese the system a little bit by setting up your options to slow down the message speed, have Oliver cast a spell with a lasting status effect, and the enemies will freeze while the text is being displayed. You should be able to sneak up behind them pretty easily. It makes grinding much, much easier in that area.

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Okay thanks for the advice guys. I'm using the finally evolution of mite so he is resistant to water attacks so I think I just need to grind a couple of levels

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I was almost to level 50. I like to grind a lot in between areas when I play rpg's. The Grotto was way too easy at that high of a level. The boss was very easy at this point.

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I was level 36,but I think I was to overleveled since everything was so weak,all you have to do is buy the armor/weapons from Yule and get the ice resistance armor and you're practically good. All you really need to clear that dungeon is the Jack-in-the-Box merit award and just sneak up on every monster,and the only monster I had a problem with was Turban Legend but even still sneaking up on them was a really good strategy,I recommend getting it before you do the dungeon,it was my last dungeon I did because I lack water-resistance monsters but after I finished the first two I finally thought to myself "Why don't I just sneak up on them!?" However after getting all three stones I recommend you get to like level 40,because the next boss is kind of hard,I had to fight it solo and spent like so many MP pots.....

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