Would you recommend it for me?

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I apologize for my poor English.

So I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write on my wishlist, so I'm looking at some of the games I've missed so far. Ni No Kuni seems interesting, but I'm still a little sceptical of a couple of things.

1. I have never really played a JRPG in my life, I have tried some of the older FF games, but they didn't really hook me at the time I played them.

2. I do like Studio Ghibli's movies. They often capture me in a way animated movies rarely does as I get older. They are more than just childrens movies. They tell fascinating stories that anybody craving for a little magic or adventure should be able to enjoy no matter their age.

3. Length of the game. I know this is a long game, as JRPGs tend to be, and I rarely have the time or patience to finish longer games. The longest game I have ever beaten was Mass Effect 2 and I did every sidemission etc., including dlc, and that was just over 50 + hours. So how long is this game?

4. Does it ever get repitive? I heard from a lot of people that they love the beginning, maybe like first half of the game or something like that, but then it starts to get really grindy. Is that true? That is one of the things that can really kill my enjoyment of a game.

5. How much story is there in the game? My biggest interest in the game is because of Ghiblis involvement and the story/anime cutscenes. Do they play a large part of the game or do we get less and less of them the further you get?

6. How is the English voice acting? I'm not gonna play this game on Japanese, actually I don't know if you even can, but with such a long game I don't want to miss anything so I prefer a language I can actually understand.

7. Would you say that this a good "my first JRPG"?

Thanks for reading and helping me with this in advance.

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3. 50-60 hours

4. Yes. The story which drives the early game quickly dies out and is often replaced by padding, and voice acting is gone for 90% of the game, with a 3 second voiced section once every 5 hours.

5. Very little anime. Much of the Ghibli charm is ruined by the lack of voice acting.

6. Pretty good, what little there is.

7. No.

8. The combat sucks an asshole, and so does the pokemon aspect. The AI is so terrible, it feels like it is actively trying to get a game over, I've never seen anything like it.

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There's like four acts to this game, where after the third one you'll feel all good inside and forgive the repetitiveness of the side quests but it's all taken away by some immense bullshit that could've been DLC or something but no, you have to slog through that bullshit. Sure, you could say it answers some stuff but that stuff wasn't what you were after, you're just after what happened to your mom and fucking Shadar up, and you get to do those things and you're psyched.

Honestly, if you choose to purchase this game with its poorly scaled ally AI (had Esther equipped with some low-level healing magic + casts them all within literally a minute of a battle even while everyone has one-fourth to even having just a sliver of health lost + switching to a character that isn't Oliver so you can have them use a MP-healing potion + Oliver doing the dumbest shit while using someone else + all while there are annoyingly frustrating boss battles whose tactics are to just bombard you more the farther you get into the game), just stop there because you'll probably be tired of it then. Since this bullshit part is new (wasn't in the DS version) it doesn't even have an anime ending, just some shitty in-game stuff.

Sure, pick it up. Maybe you'll love it. I think out of the reviews I've seen I enjoyed Philip Kollar's best.

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I'd say look elsewhere if this is your first JRPG. It is modeled after classic JRPG's where grinding was required and voice acting almost non-existent. I think you really need to have some nostalgia for that style of game to really enjoy this game. I have that nostalgia and I still thought many of the game mechanics were frustratingly dated. It's a gorgeous game, but I lost interest after about ten hours. I want to give it another shot, but I just wasn't having fun with it.

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Ni no Kuni makes a great first impression but falls flat after the first 10 or so hours. The Ghibli animated scenes and voice acting vanishes, the quests are dull and repetitive and the gameplay has some annoying faults. The story and characters are very weak as well.

It's one to pick up if you already like slower, classic jrpgs, I don't think you'd enjoy it that much as a jumping on point.

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I really tried to like this game but I stopped after five or so hours. It just wasn't any fun. The art is great though.

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Okay thanks everyone. Sounds like I won't be writing this one on my wishlist.

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I had a friend living with me this summer, and we played through this game together, handing off the controller while the other took a break and like half-payed attention on their laptop or whatever.

We got through the entire thing, and I think both of us would agree that this was the only way either of us could have gotten through the whole thing. There's a specific part near the end of that game where there's like an extra ten hours just tacked onto the back, and it's obvious because it's the part of the plot that wasn't in the DS version of the game. It makes for a real anti-climax at the end of the game. It was fun for a while though, I hop back in every once in a while to do a few sidequests.

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