Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition for Europe and North America

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- 300 page hardback book of the "wizard's companion" carried by the main character, Oliver, containing details on monsters, history of the "other" world and item descriptions.

- A plush doll of Drippy; Oliver's Pikachu

- Two DLC codes for "Golden Mikte" and "Golden Drongo"

- The game

North Americans can pre-order it now exclusively to Club Namco membersfor $99.99.

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I'm only mildly interested in this game, but calling it the Wizard's Edition means I'm going to buy the frack out of it.

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Man, yet another game I wish I had a PS3 for.

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I am genuinely excited for this game. Didn't really care about it till I saw some gameplay around E3 and now, I can't wait. Will be the only game I own on my PS3 lol. That being said, collectors editions don't interest me in the slightest so not gonna buy this package. $100 seems a tad steep for what you get in the package. I think maybe $79 is a better deal

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Really excited for this but I'll settle for the standard edition.

#6 Posted by Fredddi43 (416 posts) -

This looks just too awesome. Hoping this edition makes it way to Europe.

#7 Posted by skurk (54 posts) -

I bought a PS3 for Journey and this.

Journey was worth it alone though, but I still can't wait for this! It just oozes Ghibli.

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Still no announcement for Canada *sob*

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