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When construction workers stumble on a sixty year old Nazis underground complex west of Prague, a young archaeologist, Martin Holan, is given a chance of a lifetime.  As he explores the vault's secrets, Martin learns of an undiscovered planet hiding in our solar system.  The Nazis hired scientist to study and use Nibiru to their advantage, but the end of the war cut the plans short.  Yet, some danger still lingers... can Martin solve this puzzle in time?
Based on the 1998 game Posel  Bohů , NiBiRu uses the original story combined with many new or updated features.  Puzzles vary in difficulty and style from traditional inventory based, non-player character interactions, to serious stituational brain teasers. The interface has also been upgraded to a completely mouse-driven 3rd person perspective.  Additionally, the upgraded graphics engine brings new life to the enviroments of Paris, a small town in Mexican, Mayan ruins, and Prague's catacombs.

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