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En Garde 0

Break out the controllers.Local multiplayer is a dwindling hobby. That’s not to suggest that it’s “dead” or that there aren’t people out there with a major investment in it, but it’s one of those truths of the internet age that a decreasing number of games are offering an offline multiplayer component, and that with more incentive than ever to play online fewer and fewer of us are getting that closer human contact and electric atmosphere which comes with sitti...

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Nidhogg - There Will Be Blood 1

Nidhogg provides some of the fastest and most enjoyable monochromatic bloodletting one could hope to experience. The premise is simple. You are a pixelated swordsman in a territorial conflict with your opponent, most often your best friend sitting right beside you. Each standoff is lightning fast, and invariably ends in a gratuitous splattering of blood. Kill your opponent with a well-timed and well-placed lunge, hurl your épée at his head, or just knock him down and rip his heart out. Savager...

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Casually Elegant Duelling 0

This game is great to play with a group of friends, as the antics which ensue as players skewer, slice and even strangle their opponents are sure to amuse. Many great moments of thrown swords, thrusts through the face and bright coloured blood await!A great couch competitive game!...

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Love and i want it for free 0

i want this so bad i just want to play this forever but i cant buy Nidhogg but i don't have the money but i watch a lot of vids on this and this looks awesome only if i had it that wont happen i realy want this and im going to stop saying i want this i adore this game ill do anything to git Nidhogg :) thanks for readinf ...

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