Anyone else annoyed about the drop rates of some items?

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I want to get a S-Rank in this game which should be no problem except for one a achievements. That stupid "Upgrade all weapons" achievement. The game took me about 15-20 hrs for one playthrough then another 5 for playthrough 2 and another 5 for number 3. Now I'm right before the very last Last Shrine run and could get the rest of the achievement points within 1hr or theory...because I'm still missing the "Upgrade all weapons" achievement. I've been farming for the last 2 remaining items for like 10 hours now(thx to my OCD nature) and I'm getting more and more pissed.  
 Long story short, I need 3 Forlon Necklaces and 1 Subdued Bracelet. The bracelet should be no problem to get but this %&$%§§! Necklaces driving me nuts. I've been farming the top of the Lost Shrine over and over but no drop yet. 
I don't know but i can accept this kind of stuff in a MMORPG but not in a single player game! 
Any of you guys having the same problems? OR EVEN SOLUTIONS(i.e. a better farm spot)?

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