NieR RepliCant Trailer (PS3)

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Square Enix's NeiR RepliCant TokyoGameShow Trailer 

NieR RepliCant is the PS3's counterpart to Xbox 360's NieR Gestalt. Both games put players in control of a character named "Nier," although the two characters do appear to be different, with the 360 Nier looking considerably older than the PS3 version's NieR.

Both versions of the game are set for 2010 release. The 360 version will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week but not the PS3 game. 

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Alternating capital letters with lowercase letters is cool!

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EveRgreen CooL 

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Much better than their first trailer, still not convinced.

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apparently the only difference between replicant and gestalt is that the main character in replicant is younger and slimmer and the brother or yunah, but in gestalt is older and bulkier and the father of yunah. oh and replicant is ps3 exclusive and gestalt is 360 exclusive (over there). but in NA we're only getting gestalt, for both consoles.

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neh I want the (Nier Replicant) for the ps3 *sad face*
The reason I say this is cause I worry whats coming over here may be censored when it comes down to futa lady. YES If your going to make a game SE with a futa, don't you edit it in the international release! *glare* I hope she's still in the game as the way she is for the Nier Replicant for Japan.
I don't mind the bit of change in leads, from older guy to younger, don't care, I just want the game to remain intact. Little differences as far as sister or daughter again don't matter to me, as long as at the core everything stays the same.

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