Square's Newest Is Nier

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#51 Edited by SquirrelGOD (506 posts) -

I couldn't get a good enough look, but is that a male protagonist that actually looks MALE in a Square-Enix game?  I'll have to keep my eyes on this one.

#52 Posted by Arjuna (888 posts) -

hahaha!  Draws "nier"!  Get it?!  hahahaha!

#53 Posted by Blazer74 (186 posts) -

Doesn't look too interesting so far but hety its better than FF7 remake that some of you losers want that hopefully never happens.

#54 Posted by zityz (2360 posts) -

Reminded me of Rygar with a sword.

#55 Posted by Sabata (825 posts) -

Come an' get one in the yarbles—if you HAVE any yarbles, you eunich jelly thou!

#56 Posted by ahoodedfigure (4240 posts) -

Looked like Morrowind for a second there, but then:

aloof hero with big sword!

#57 Posted by stinky (1553 posts) -


#58 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2501 posts) -

I love DMC & I enjoyed what God of War games I've played but do we really need another one of these???

#59 Posted by Lowbrow (840 posts) -

Sooo more slashing people with a sword that looks like it's somewhere around 15 times your own body weight. What a fresh and exiting idea.

#60 Posted by Hector (3378 posts) -

Meh...I'll pass!

#61 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -

hack and slash JRPG? No thank you.

#62 Posted by borgmaster (515 posts) -

nice Clockwork Orange reference on the front page, I have to say.

#63 Posted by Kiemoe (1058 posts) -
Artemis_D said:
...I don't understand how any of you are making any conclusions from a one minute trailer.
#64 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

Graphics look terrible at the moment but it is obviously in a very primitive state. Still not interested though.

#65 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -

music is good but what else is there to show

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