The second playthrough of this game was crazy! (Major Spoilers)

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I've heard a lot of people champion this game, and a few on GB in particular, so I finally decided to give it a try. 

The gameplay was simple and far too easy but the boss fights were surprisingly fun and satisfying. Despite not having much time to develop I liked all of the main characters as well.
The most memorable thing about the game however is on the second playthrough where you discover you're a mass murdering psychopath. It was fairly obvious from early on that the shades were or had been some sort of human at some point but I didn't expect them to go so far with it. The Facade and the Wolves storyline was my personal favourite. They made the leader out to be a horrible monster in the first playthrough and made his death grim as hell to reflect that. Then in the second playthrough he's trying to pull a spear out of his dying friends after he trusted the humans. Showing the two groups rallying before the fight was also really well done.
Honourable mention goes to killing those crying babies in the ballroom. That was messed up!
What did you guys think of the game, and the big reveals in the second part? Any personal favourite moments or revelations throughout the game?

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Real late but I decided to check the forum again after listening to the soundtrack, anyway...

I also thought the second play through was pretty great. I haven't played it in a while so bits and pieces are only what I remember but I definitely dug The Facade part as well. I think the part I liked most of the second play through is that it wasn't just a new game + where you kept your upgrades and that it added more story elements to the game and it gave you a different better perspective of the overall game that was done really well. I don't recall playing too many games that do it and do it well.

The game play is not the greatest but the story to this game as a whole I think is pretty fantastic as well as soundtrack, it really fit the game. That made up for all the game play short comings to me.

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Is this game worth playing through a second time for Kaine's story? Just finished playing through this now and whilst I liked the game I kinda feel done with it.

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I thought the game kind of flubbed that point. The shades and wolves both had attacked me first, and repeatedly. Not that it warranted wholesale genocide, but the sympathy ship had certainly sailed by that point. Otherwise the story is pretty great; however, it's not really worth the extra three playthroughs it takes to get all the details even if that final, final, final ending is pretty amazing. Bloody Cavia.

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Is this game worth playing through a second time for Kaine's story? Just finished playing through this now and whilst I liked the game I kinda feel done with it.

I would say so. Just pop on a podcast while you're replaying stuff.

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@hunter5024: I know there's people on this site that do listen to podcasts whilst playing games that but I just can't. Breaks immersion. Anyone else have an opinion on whether its worth playing through?

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