Trade Crack in Time for Nier?

#1 Posted by Rxanadu (612 posts) -

I've S-ranked CiT, and I have no desire to play it (or any of the other R&C games I have) ever again.  The main dilemma here, however, is I've made a New Years Resolution to finish up my 21-game-strong backlog before trading for or buying any new games.  I've heard good things about Nier's story, and I'd be willing to beat it 4 times to get the full of it.   
Do you think I should break my resolution to get this game, or keep at it? 
P.S. The reason I'm not playing any of my R&C games it that I've already played them all to death (I beat part 2 about 10 times).  They are by no means bad games; I just can't see myself playing them again any time soon. 

#2 Posted by dpedal1 (204 posts) -

Continue with the backlog.  Games are expensive!!!  Enjoy what you have!

#3 Posted by Jeust (11738 posts) -

Nier is a great game, still it is very depressing. If you think you can deal with it, go for it!

#4 Posted by benjaebe (2871 posts) -

Nier is awesome, pick it up.

#5 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5914 posts) -

I couldn't get through Nier more than once (I plan on doing it someday though)
But it's worth a try. If you're really determined to get all the endings, I say go for it.

#6 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -

One of the greatest games ever made
#7 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12309 posts) -

If you read that without and caps, it sounds like you want to trade drugs in time to get Nier. 

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@MooseyMcMan said:

" If you read that without and caps, it sounds like you want to trade drugs in time to get Nier.  "

I thought the same
Woo woo, *trading crack for a game is definitely a problem.
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Wait, your backlog consists of only 21 games? Dude, if you head over to and click a bunch of random users on the front page, you'll find people with backlogs spanning at least 10 times that much -- including myself. So don't feel bad about your highly modest backlog, and go ahead and trade in R&C for one of the best games of last year.
Don't bother getting all of the endings, though. You really only need to get to the second ending (which should only take about 4 hours as the game starts you off two-thirds of the way through -- though my first full playthrough took 20 hours) because you'll encounter additional narrative content along the way, but if you go for the 3rd and 4th ending, that content will be the same and only the ending will be different, so I personally recommend you just head on over to YouTube and watch the endings there.

#10 Posted by Rxanadu (612 posts) -
@MooseyMcMan said:
" If you read that without and caps, it sounds like you want to trade drugs in time to get Nier.  "
Never noticed that.  That's pretty funny, but, no, I'm not trading any drugs any time soon.
#11 Posted by Rxanadu (612 posts) -

Forget about it.  The guy already went to another person to trade with.  No matter; now I can concentrate a bit more on my classwork.  I'm actually thinking of starting to stream games on, but I don' know whether to get EasyCap or Dazzle.  

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