You can buy Nier for $10 today!

#1 Posted by crusader8463 (14422 posts) -

Just thought I would spread the world for my fellow Canadians, that EB Games is doing a door crasher sale today and you can get Nier for ether the 360 or the PS3 for only $10. I'm going to pick up a copy now and figured I would let others know. It's only for today, November 30th 2010. So hurry down if you have been wanting to pick this game up like me!

#2 Posted by SSully (4185 posts) -

It would be better if the game was good, but still cool. 

#3 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5826 posts) -
@SSully said:
" It would be better if the game was good, but still cool.  "
#4 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

I bought Nier in the first week of its release. I really enjoyed the game, I can't help it. But yeah, you need to get further into the story to appreciate it. The first part of the game is really dull indeed. But later on it really opens up. One of those little gems I cherish dearly. Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome!

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