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[Hilarious joke about Distance] 0

Can you remember when you used to smile about life? I really can't sense that anymore, right down to this book I've been reading. Passages thousands of years old with words I can't understand, and it's constantly nagging at everything I do.  Cockroaches, these shades are. Pestering annoyance. A lynch mob at play. Fighting them I feel broken at times. Staying them away from me, swinging my weapon mindless. They connect a good strike and continue relentlessly. The book proves more useful then I ca...

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One of the better games you'll never play 0

 Japanese powerhouse publisher Square Enix saved most of its 2010 marketing thunder for Final Fantasy XIII, but a little over a month after that game hit western shelves, Square quietly published Nier. Online reviewers claimed to hate FFXIII for being linear, restrictive, and over-produced. Not satisfied with being wrong once, the same reviewers decided they hated Nier for exactly the opposite reasons. The only thing they got even kind of right is that Final Fantasy XIII and Nier, despite being ...

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Nier - Far from perfect but still hermaphroditically awesome 0

Nier  may require you to suck up a few hours of nondescript scene-setting but it rewards with a dark and moving story that eclipses the few technical flaws. Set over a thousand years in the future after a cataclysmic event on earth,   Nier  is a third person action   RPG  that pit you against ethereal Shades as you strive to save your daughter from a fatal illness. Though it's easily described as a post-apocalyptic setting, this isn't some eastern version of Fallout 3 with an unlimited expanse o...

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An odd ball 0

Nier is a hard game to qualify and quantify, because for all its successes it has its pitfalls, and depending of the player, the outcome of the experience might range from marvellous to horrific.   The graphics aren't generally worth praising, as they are simplistic and bland, yet coherent with the rest of style and imaginary presented. Although there are some interesting details from time to time, and the game is very smooth in terms of framerate.  The sound department is top notch, with a haun...

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Thoroughly mediocre 0

 Nier is one of the most inconsistent games I've ever played. It has a handful of good qualities and some design decisions so baffling that it's incredible the game was allowed to proceed to certification. It's technically a JRPG, but calling that is an awful stretch as it plays out much more like a God of War clone with fetch quests. And courier quests. I guess it has a fishing minigame, which is something that all JRPGs have too, but still. The story pits you as Nier, out to find a cure for hi...

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The little action RPG with a big heart 0

Nier tried my patience at times, but I'm glad I stuck it out. The gameplay is not overly challenging (on normal difficulty) but the magic abilities you gather over the course of the game offer you a fair amount of variety and keep it interesting and fun. The emotionally powerful story is where this game truly shines. The game world provides a sorrow drenched atmosphere that makes you feel like things could end badly at any minute. The sense of hopelessness makes you want to protect and save yo...

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Boring, repetitive gameplay saved by one of the most interesting stories of the generation 0

For me, RPGs are all about the story and the world/characters crafted by the developer. The best games bring a brand-new world to life, giving me a place to explore for hours on end--learning its history, meeting its residents, and delving into its secrets. I can enjoy a good RPG combat system (real-time or turn-based) as well, but combat isn’t what keeps me coming back to the genre again and again. In fact, there are plenty of games with great story I almost wish didn’t have gameplay whatsoever...

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Life is crap, then you die. 0

Nier is an action RPG from Square Enix, somewhat of a sequel to Drakengard, which i havn't played. It's quite obvious what the gameplay is like, most of the time. Run around and slash dudes, use item to recover health if low, level up stuff like that. However, this is an RPG, from SE nonetheless, so the focus is on the storyline/plot/characters, and it is this that i will focus on.  Firstly though, i'll address the gameplay, then move on to the more important stuff. As an action RPG, you essenti...

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Nier 0

                 Nier is the latest of square-enix’ (publisher) adventures outside of the familiar Final Fantasy franchise. My previous experiences with such games have not exactly been pleasant, especially not at a full retail price, yet I have bought and played this game and I wish to share my experience with it.                 First of all I wish to be precise about the game’s genre. It is listed as an Action RPG. This is partly accurate, but I find that the RPG elements are not as prese...

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Nier: The Most Mixed Bag There Ever Was 0

Nier is an oxymoronic miracle. Rarely does a game go so thoroughly out of its way to seemingly appear dismissive on virtually all accounts before attempting to reverse course at the very last second, but that's exactly what Nier does. As a game, the myriad problems that you're bound to experience for its entirety, often ones that are easily fixable, make it extremely tough to recommend and its few merits aren't nearly good enough to justify buying it. By no means is it the sort of game that one ...

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Nier looks promising but ain't worth the full purchase. 0

 What would you do to save the daughter you love?   This is the theme to Nier, an action RPG developed by Cavia Inc, the makers of Bullet Witch and Drakengard and published by Square-Enix. Cavia has not had the best track record in the past but will this game change all that for them?     Nier tells the story of Nier (although you can name the character something else), a gruff looking man who is the father of Yonah.   There is a problem with Yonah in that she has a disease known as the Black Sc...

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A step to short 0

Right off the bat, I feel Nier was both excellent and bland at the same time. In a gameplay sense, this game definitely falls short. The combat is boring and uninviting, and I felt that most of the time it was just bland and I wanted it to be over with. The story, on the other hand, is fantastic, although it has horrible pacing issues. The story crawls along like a dying snail at points, consisting of inane fetching side quests, along with the infamous fishing mini-game that is hated so. In the ...

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Nier review (insert witty pun here) 0

I'm going to get this out of the way right at the start. Nier is not for everyone. Most people will be turned off by its boring fetch quests, simple combat, dated visuals and ugly protagonist (not to mention the awful, mandatory fishing minigame). But if you are like me and have a thing for interesting, if imperfect, ideas then Nier might be worth checking out.  Nier is a (oh-so) Japanese action role playing game where you play as the father of a girl named Yonah. Yonah is sick  with a quite pos...

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Trivial Zelda-like Filled w/ Frustration 0

If I had to sum up Nier in a single thought i would say that this is a Japanese or Japanification of the Zelda mechanic. It is odd to say that when Zelda is in and of itself Japanese, but this game essentially takes the Zelda mechanic and just loads it up with classic Japanese RPG tropes. Nier on its surface is an adventure style brawler that follows the Zelda architecture of an over world connected by a multitude of dungeons. Through your game you collect abilities through the use of your magic...

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Nier - Tedious 0

I'll expand on this later, but for now lets just say when I want to play an MMO I'll give Blizzard my $15 a month and raid with the bros.  Time consuming gardening, fishing, and grinding for materials and experience aren't what I have in mind for a good console experience.  While I understand I could skip all those things and just blast through the story, but the story isn't that interesting to me.  I have a hard time leaving a game unfinished, but this time I'm going to let it go, but if I ever...

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It's flawed as hell, but I can't help but love it. 0

The ShortPros- Dark, exceptionally well-crafted story that transcends most JRPGs and games in general- Does something rare in that it doesn't ham-fist you ever piece of information, saving most of its mysteries only for those who dig deeper and actually immerse themselves in the story- Has probably the best "pull the rug out from under you" moment of any game I've ever played- Four endings, and the "New Game +" actually adds new content and cutscenes that connect with my previous bullet point- E...

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Cavia's last (and possibly first) hurrah 0

A bit of combat...Let me talk a little about a feeling I have with certain video games: Beyond Good & Evil, Deus Ex, Fallout being prime examples of this. Whenever I go back to these games, playing through them reminds me exactly why I love playing video games and why I'll always be a fan of the medium in general. While opinion varies on titles such as those, it can be said that none of them are perfect (as hardly anything could possibly be) as each has flaws that can irk just about anyone, ...

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