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[Hilarious joke about Distance]

Can you remember when you used to smile about life? I really can't sense that anymore, right down to this book I've been reading. Passages thousands of years old with words I can't understand, and it's constantly nagging at everything I do. 
Cockroaches, these shades are. Pestering annoyance. A lynch mob at play. Fighting them I feel broken at times. Staying them away from me, swinging my weapon mindless. They connect a good strike and continue relentlessly. The book proves more useful then I care for my own efforts. 
Yesterday I caught a rusty bucket.
Nier is a man that you can call whatever you want, and has a daughter/sister to worry about. over 1,300 years ago she caught the black scrawl. These people have been struggling ever since. But do they really know that they are struggling? This man really seems to be the only one to find out, because he cares about his Yonnah that much.
He's probably just as confused, but is one track minded enough to go along with it anyway. He travels back and forth (constantly) in a large open world that is actually pretty small. All for the only thing he cares about. Yonnah. 
Upon my travels I met a woman with some serious balls. I guess I can understand why, She's just as unhappy as everyone else, if not for a better reason to be... and she swears. A lot. Such a mouth on this woman is far from Square, a Rumble of Lighting is rather weak in comparison.
A wealthy weapon with a stone gaze, has also accompanied. So full of life for someone built to destroy. But he brings balance to a rather gloomy situation. 
At it's core it's an awfully generic, action RPG. very simple, gets the job done, play it as fast as you want. but that's not where the game shines. It's story is actually fascinating. Not what it is, but how it is told. and talking about it in general, kind of makes me feel like I'm bound to give something away to the spoiler sensitive lunatics. It's theme is depressing but it's humour shines. This game has a lot of personality in a catalogue of melodrama. Banter between the characters through out the story or even the smaller tasks at hand, encourage you to appreciate where these characters are coming from.
It even has moments where it will stop what it's doing and give you text, walls of it. And you become stuck in a text adventure that's completely self aware. Words are this games greatest asset, and they are used strongly, (in every sense but I put emphasis on literal ) What's amazing is that anything it does to take you off your course, never interrupts the flow. From the moment you turn the game on it establishes what it is, and you're either all for it, or your lack of comprehension will turn you away. 
At first, I never liked it here, but all I can say is that it's really started to grow on me. Sure it's ugly, plain, but there's a song in the air that flows seamlessly. and I can do this. Everything that needs to be done. I am comfortable.
This is my 3 month in a row, of fishing. The old man complains that no one knows how to, but it's easy once I know where I am.

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