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Nier - Tedious

I'll expand on this later, but for now lets just say when I want to play an MMO I'll give Blizzard my $15 a month and raid with the bros.  Time consuming gardening, fishing, and grinding for materials and experience aren't what I have in mind for a good console experience.  While I understand I could skip all those things and just blast through the story, but the story isn't that interesting to me.  I have a hard time leaving a game unfinished, but this time I'm going to let it go, but if I ever see this on sale for $15 I'll probably pick it up because I know it'll be a time consuming, but ultimately easy S rank (Oblivion style, but at least Oblivion was fun). 
I do love the banter between Weiss and the main character.  Even on the side quests they have an entertaining back and forth that's unfortunately cut off by going to the menu, so if you're interested in the banter you have to stop in your tracks lest you start a cut scene and end the conversation.  


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