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Night Hound falls into the agility attribute with a stat of 24 compared to his other attribute stats of 17 strength and 14 intelligence. His detailed Attributes consist of 305 movement speed, 2.0 strength per level, 2.9 agility per level and 1.3 intelligence per level.

Base Attack and Abilities.

Night Hound's base attack is a melee attack that deals 48 - 52 damage, has a range of 125 and deals 0.73 Attacks/Sec.

As all Heroes of Newerth characters, Night Hound has 4 unique abilities.

Smoke Bomb

This ability will cause all enemies in the cloud to be silenced and have a higher chance to miss the attack. On top of that all the enemies in the cloud will have reduced movement and attack speed. Also any creeps and towers will simply ignore Night Hound whilst he is in the cloud.

It is a magic type ability that has a range of 425, a cast time of 1.0 seconds, a cooldown of 15.0 seconds.


This particular ability is used for attacking enemies by surprise. Night Hound will use this ability to teleport to any target unit, if this unit is an enemy Night Hound will attack them and deal more damage then he would usually when using his base attack.

It is a physical attack that has a range of 700, a cast time of 1.0 seconds and the cooldown depends on the level of the ability, at level 1 it will have a cooldown of 20 seconds then every level upgraded it will reduce by 5 seconds.


With Backstab, when Night Hound attacks an enemy from behind he will do extra damage that will be of equal to a percent of his victim's agility. This particular ability is passive.


With invisibility, Night Hound, when not attacking will not be seen by any enemies. This particular ability is passive.

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