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Night Slashers are a typical example of scrolling beat 'em up genre with 3 selectable characters, 8 directional movement input and 3 buttons responsible for attacking, jumping and special attacks. The plot involves slaying countless waves of people in different stages of zombiefication, werevolves, elementals, vampires and even Death herself in order to face the ultimate evil and save the world again. The game should be noted for very good sprite gore effects and generally neat creature design.

Playable characters

Jake - an american monster hunter wit robotic, Bionic Commando style, arms. "The psychic cyborg" is generally the strongest of selectable heroes with a limited range of wrestling moves.
 Hong Hua.
Hong Hua - a martial artist and...specialist in netralising black magic. Small in size but very quick.
Christopher - european vampire hunter and a compulsive gambler. The most balanced character as he is pretty quick and strong as well.


During the seven stages of the game the players encounter a considerable number of boss characters. Each one has a different death animation. Heres the complete list divided by stages.
 Mad doctor death scene.

 Frankenstein death scene.
Stage I
1. a mad doctor (similar to Victor Frankensteun)
2. the Frankensterin monster
 Puppet master death scene.
Stage II
3. the puppet master
4. a stone golem

 Evil sword falling apart.
 Dracula's end.
 Stage III
5. a demon sword with full plate armor
6. Dracula
Stage IV
7. Aztec shaman twins
 Bye, Tutankhamun.
Stage V
8. an evil sword with golden armor
9. the Mummy
Stage VI
10. a stone golem revived by Death
11. an armed helicopter
12. a mad doctor revived by Death
13. Dracula revived by Death
14, Death
 The final boss might have looked better...
Stage VII
15. King Zarutz 

Bonus games

Apart from 7 basic levels there are two funny minigames to keep players interested. In the first one one the heroes violently smashes the heads of poor zombies that are stuck on the beach. The other one is a zombie variation of javelin throw.


  The game ends with a big bang and killing Zarutz in a 2 phased battle.

They've all been destroyed. Our heroes saved us...Its a miracle we all survived! We never got a chance to thank them...
 We did it! Yeah, looks like our job is finished here. Finally the people's lives can go back to normal.
Well, I guess its time to head back home! too! Time to say goodbye then...
Thanks for everything. Yeah, best of luck. I'll miss you two.

There is also a brief dialogue between the main characters in the cassino displayed during the end credits.

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