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Night Trap! That boy will find you! Night Trap! Watch out behind you!

Night Trap is a full motion video horror adventure game developed by Digital Pictures and published by Sega on October 15, 1992 for the Sega CD (and published two years later by Sega for the Sega CD 32X, Virgin Interactive for the 3DO, and Digital Pictures for MS-DOS and Mac). As part of the "Sega Control Attack Team" (abbreviated to S.C.A.T., known in the 3DO, MS-DOS, and Mac versions as "Special Control Attack Team"), the player (known as "control") protects a group of girls in a slumber party (including S.C.A.T. agent Kelly, played by semi-famous actress Dana Plato) from vampiric creatures (known as Augers) using a variety of inexplicable traps laid throughout the house.

The game became infamous due to its part (alongside Mortal Kombat, Lethal Enforcers, and Doom) of the 1993 Congressional hearings on offensive video game material (thanks to a wildly inaccurate view of the game in which the player is tasked with either leading innocent teenage girls into death traps or helping the monstrous Augers have their way with the girls), leading to the foundation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).


In Night Trap, players must observe eight rooms in the lakehouse (downstairs hallway, kitchen, entryway, living room, bathroom, bedroom, upstairs hallway, and driveway) using hidden surveillance cameras.

The entire game takes place within 26 minutes, in which players must locate and trap the Augers at the right time. When the Augers are near a trap, a meter on the screen (with levels ranging from green to red) will fluctuate. When the meter is red, the trap can be sprung. While not all 95 Augers must be trapped to complete the game, some traps are essential plot points, and failing to activate the traps leads to a game over sequence. Traps can also be used to capture certain other characters at certain moments.

The ability to activate traps is complicated by the codeword system, in which all traps share a unique codeword that changes throughout the game (known through watching certain conversations). If the player uses an incorrect codeword, the traps do not activate.

If the player captures all threats (including all necessary threats and all Augers) while avoiding certain trappings of good guys, the player achieves a perfect ending, in which the player has the option to spring one more trap....

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