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Nightkin represent the peak of the Master's engineering prowess. They are superior to regular Super Mutants in almost all aspects. While in the Master's army they were elite agents that used Stealth Boys to sneak up on their enemies. Nightkin became addicted to the Stealth Boys and as a side effect their skin turned from green to blue and their minds began to deteriorate. 
The Nightkin of the Mojave Wasteland have developed schizophrenia and can't stand to be visible. The majority of the Nightkin in the Mojave Wasteland inhabit Black Mountain under the rule of the tyrannical Tabitha. The Super Mutant, Marcus, has opened Jacobstown to any Nightkin that might want to get help for their addiction to Stealth Boys.  
Lily Bowen is a female Nightkin that can be a companion to The Courier

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