My Dark Nights Fanfiction

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"FUCK NIGHTS!" Jeff Gerstmann, the evil overlord of Nightmare bellowed. "Nights is GARBAGE."

Overhead, the purple jester-thing did a loop-the-loop and scowled down. "Herr Gerstmann, I will defend Nightopia from you and your evil Nightmaren!"

The dastardly games reviewer turned dream overlord growled with fury, his face turning purple from sheer hatred at the existence of such a terrible game. "Nightopia?! What are you even talking about? That is TERRIBLE! It's TERRIBLE! How do you live with yourself knowing that you exist in such a bad game? If I were you I would fucking KILL myself Nights! You are the worst! I'm out."

And with that said, Jeff unplugged his Saturn and was instantly transported back into the real world, leaving Nights trapped in the CD where he eventually downed half a bottle of Jack and flew into the sun to end the pain.

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I was scared to open this.

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@GJSmitty: me too especially after the last fan fiction I read on giant bomb

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Has anyone photoshopped Jeff's face onto wiseman yet?

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@GJSmitty said:

I was scared to open this.

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5/5 would read again

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This isn't as creepy as I thought it would be. :|

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@Colourful_Hippie said:

@GJSmitty said:

I was scared to open this.

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