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Nightstalkers are the creation of Dr Borous, who spliced coyote and rattlesnake DNA that resulted in this genetic hybrid. While their body is mostly canine, their head is more snake-like. Their fangs, forked tongue and tail are all derived from a rattlesnake.

Nighstalkers seek shelter in caves, where they nest and lay eggs. They hunt in packs and are most active at night, though they do not have any inherent weakness to daylight. They attack by leaping at enemies or by poisoning them with their venomous fangs.

Nightstalker Types


Most common type of Nightstalker

This is the normal Nightstalker type. The Nightstalker have the body of a canine while having the head of a snake. Nightstalkers also have a tail resembling that of a snake. Nightstalker will always hunt in a pack, trying to take down an enemy as a group.

Young Nightstalker

The Young Nightstalker is just a younger version of the typical Nightstalker type. The Young Nightstalkers are smaller in appearance than that of the normal Nightstalkers, but otherwise look the same. Young Nightstalkers also have a weaker attack than the normal Nightstalkers.

Legendary Nightstalker

The Legendary Nightstalker is a very strong one

The Legendary Nightstalker looks similar to the regular Nightstalker. The main difference in the appearance of the Legendary Nightstalker is the size, which is much bigger than the normal Nightstalker. The Legendary Nightstalker is also much stronger than the normal Nightstalker. The Legendary Nightstalker can only be found in Blooborne Cave.

Den Mother

The Den Mother Nightstalker is more powerful than the normal Nightstalker. A Den Mother will be found leading a pack of Nightstalker. Not only does a Den Mother have stronger attacks than a normal Nightstalker, they are also larger in size.


Shadis is a unique Nightstalker than can only be found in a single location. Shadis is the strongest of all the Nightstalker having a much higher attack and a much larger amound of health than even the Legendary Nightstalker. Shadis can be found in the Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab.

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