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Nightshade is an action/rpg game for pc closely modeled after Diablo.

Many aspects of the game from combat to inventory control are exact clones to previous casual rpg games with the exception of an mini-map visually representing enemy's cone of vision. Using this players could separate or all together avoid enemy contact.


Players start as Terak the warrior class character and as the game progress's Rhelia the archer and Aisat the enchantress become available. The three characters start at different points in the story as well as different areas. Choices are given that will determine if the characters travel different paths alone or cross paths to create a party. They each have different causes for wanting to destroy the Nightstone, which is responsible for destroying most of the worlds forests spreading evil across the land. Terak hopes to find the fate of his ancestors who previously attempted to destroy the Nightstone. Rhelia hopes to curb the destruction of the forest where her people reside. Finally Aisat is sent on a quest by her mentor to cleanse her soul of evil, which may also be her source of power.


Each character can be individually controlled, setting ambush's or drawing directional attention to divide larger groups of enemy's. When players level they are able to spend points into four attributes

-Strength- Increases damage dealt

-Resistance- Increases health and stamina

-Skill- Increases stealth

-Power- Increases mana

Items include armor, rings, weapons, scrolls and potions. Primary interaction is clicking on monsters to initiate attacks as well as looting treasure. Although the game is non-linear the character builds are fairly similar which deters replay-ability. Multiplayer is available locally as well as a scenario editor to create custom maps.


Although its never specifically advertised, stated or otherwise mentioned, the covers art is in fact a Frank Frazzeta painting called "Lightning Sword"

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