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After the death of his father at a young age, Nihlus' mother forced him to join the Turian military, where he earned a reputation for recklessness. Despite his brash behavior though, he still earned excellent grades in class, but this was often overlooked by his superior officers. On one of his many reassignments, he met a Spectre named Saren Arterius. Saren saw potential in Nihlus, and offered to mentor him. This paid off for Nihlus, as within a year of Saren bringing him under his wing, Nihlus was asked to join the ranks of the Spectres, a special forces company handpicked by the Council of Citadel Space.

 Nihlus before the mission
 Nihlus before the mission
Nihlus Kryik is an excellent Turian Spectre who the player first meets in the Normandy at the beginning of the game. Informing an already suspicious Shepard about their mission to Eden Prime to locate a Prothean Beacon, he would also explain that himself and Anderson have requested an evaluation of his skills to see if he is ready to become a SPECTRE soldier, Nihlus being the one who would evaluate his performance for this mission. He decides to scout out the area of interest alone, informing Shepard that he will meet him by the cargo platform, he is surprised to meet his old friend Saren, a fellow Turian Spectre. Confused as to why Saren would be on the planet, Nihlus lets down his guard, believing Saren to be a friend to him still.  As Nihlus turns his back, Saren shooting him in the back of the head, instantly killing him. His body is found by Shepard, Kaiden and Ashley.

He can be known for his methods of getting the job done, no matter what the cost. Though SPECTREs have this unique power to be above the law, they do not necessarily lose their moral standpoints, Nihlus retained his moral standpoints to some extent as opposed to Saren who lost his due to indoctrination though he is known to have already had a hatred for Humans. Nihlus had the manner to look to the potential of a species as opposed to everything they have done wrong.


  • It can be revealed through certain dialogue in Mass Effect 2 that Nihlus had a run in with Samara, your squadmate. Samara states that she was compelled to try and kill the Turian Spectre when she witnessed him kill an innocent civilian. She stated that they played a game of "cat and mouse" for weeks before Nihlus impressively put Samara into a situation in which she had no choice but to let him go free.
  • Nihlus is voiced by Alastair Duncan

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