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 On vacation with her daughter Amy and visiting her husband Michael, military atache at the U.S. Embassy in Istanbul, Nikki sees them killed by a terrorist bomb planted in their rental car.

Nikki then filled her empty and shattered life with a driving need to uncover the truth behind the death of her family. Using contacts she made as an officer in the U.S Army's Special Forces (the Green Berets), where she first met Michael, Nikki began to pursue her quest for the truth.

Nikki's relentless efforts brought her to the attention of Phoenix, the NSA's ultra covert anti-terrorist group, headed by Colonel Nathan Jacobson. Phoenix, who guard the knowledge of their very existence with the utmost force were confronted with a choice: kill Nikki or recruit her.

Based on her exceptional military record and impressed by her dogged determination in finding the truth about her husband, Phoenix approached Nikki to join their fight against world terrorism. They explained that Michael worked for Phoenix and promised to give her life a new purpose but with one condition: Once you join Phoenix, you can never leave.

After two years intensive training with Phoenix, Nikki faces one final test before being sent on her first field assignment. If she passes, then Phoenix will unleash a new weapon on their war on terrorism. But Nikki has her own agenda..... to find and kill the people who destroyed her life.    

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