ESRB's best use of i.e.

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Ninety-nine nights 2 summary 
 Players enter a world of darkness, a world in which war has been waged for close to 99 days, and it is players' goal to get rid of the darkness. In this fantasy-action game, players control five warriors who use their weapons and magic to battle the armies of darkness and kill the Lord of Darkness. Gameplay mainly involves hack-and-slash combat in which players use swords, clubs, and magic to kill hordes of enemy soldiers at a frenetic pace. Some attacks cause enemies to fly and flail in the air; other attacks lead to jets of blood and torsos strewn on the battlefield. And darkness does not obscure the blood spray that sometimes shoots out of enemy soldiers during cutscenes (a major factor for the Mature rating): In one sequence, an armor-clad warrior impales several enemy knights (of darkness), withdrawing his sword in slow-motion amidst trailing spurts of red blood. Consumers may also wish to know that a female demon-like creature with sprouting tentacles does appear topless (i.e. nipples ).

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Didn't ESRB say "i.e. nipples" for Dragon Age as well, or am I just being forgetful?

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This ESRB summary would be nothing without that last sentence.

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They failed to mention the greatest part of the game: the fact that it has not one thousand nor one hundred thousand but ONE MILLION troops

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You mean wan meeewion twoobs?

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@trophyhunter said:
topless (i.e. nipples ). "
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Rock and roll.

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Isn't this the same crew that gave us the great ME2 terms "space furniture" and "future blouse", or something similar?

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They should put these descriptions on the back of the boxes.

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You got to love the ESRB.

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I like breasts.

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Rofl pure gold.

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@natetodamax said:
" I like breasts. "
nipples are clearly superior
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A female with tentacles and nipples? 

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