"Ninja Blade" Demo (Impressions)

#1 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -

Put all of your Ninja Blade impressions here.

I'm kind of busy at the moment so I will just go over the things that I "got."

  • The main character is wearing a pretty fruity costume. What's with that helmet?
  • The game strives to make everything contradict. Beginning what the fact you are fighting with a sword in the future, figures it probably has some sort of mystical magic bullshit surrounding it.
  • Half of the game was littered with quick-time events. Remember game developers: you're supposed to make a game that people play, not a game that plays itself for the people.
  • Just kept that "this is ripping everything from Ninja Gaiden" vibe. In the present/future? Check. Still using a sword? Check. Creatures attacking? Obviously.
  • Combat is way too slow. After playing Ninja Gaiden II last night, transitioning to the Ninja Blade demo this morning, it was like night and day. Combos were there but did not have the impact you want to feel.
  • I did enjoy the Ninja Vision somewhat. At least it mixed up the bland combat, but was not very inventive in itself.
  • Running down the building was also fairly fun.

If I buy it, it's because there is a gaming drought. I'll wait until it drops in price, which I can only predict will be as fast as Haze.
#2 Posted by Tomorrowman (178 posts) -

horribly generic name, horribly obvious rip off.  I just dont see where they were going with this one.  Someone had to say "Let's make ninja gaiden, but not as good"  and then someone else had to agree with them.  Eh.

#3 Posted by DeadBeat (13 posts) -

eh, i did not like ninja gaiden II all that much but i am enjoying Ninja Blade ALOT, i think it offers a combat system that is just as good or better as NG. I think the story is pretty great as well. All Around a fun slash so far. 

#4 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I thought the demo was absolutely terrible...It was boring, generic, and not any fun. The boss battle at the end was also pretty damn terrible and repetitive.

Fun Fact: QTEs are rarely any good. This game is full of them and guess what...they are terrible.

#5 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -
DeadBeat said:
"eh, i did not like ninja gaiden II all that much but i am enjoying Ninja Blade ALOT, i think it offers a combat system that is just as good or better as NG. I think the story is pretty great as well. All Around a fun slash so far. "
No "Ninja" story is good. Plus, the Ninja Blade combat had no depth whatsoever. Not sure if you were playing the demo instead of dreaming it up.
#6 Posted by Jedted (2670 posts) -

I thought it looked like a mediocre hack-n-slash ninja game but yeah, the whole thing smells like Ninja Gaiden rip-off.  Kinda hard to judge the story based on the demo though.

#7 Posted by JonnyAvacado (434 posts) -

When I first heard about this game, I was sort of excited.  Being a huge NG, NGB and NG2 fan I was looking foward to a different take on the genre...but tons of QTE's are not what I had in mind.  I will still have to try the demo, but if the combat is lacking then its a defnite non-pickup.

#8 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Stuff I enjoyed:

  • Graphics were pretty good with the monsters, I thought. Up close, not so much, but that worm and the spider looked pretty neat.
  • Combat can be kinda fun. I hope that there are more weapons in the game, though, or else I wouldn't play past two levels.
  • While QTEs are lame to me (with the exception of RE's), I thought that the finishing one for the spider was awesome, in a hilarious sort of way. A wrecking ball....oh god.
  • Running down the building was pretty fun.

Stuff I didn't enjoy:

  • Your dude is all over the damn place when he moves. He seems to slide a lot.
  • Too many QTEs.
  • Combat lacks impact, a lot.
  • Camera is zoomed out too much, I though, and doesn't follow the enemies very well.
#9 Posted by beanZfury (65 posts) -

I enjoyed the demo very much. The combo system was definitely not as skillful or elaborate as Ninja Gaiden and combat was repetitive while in the building, but opened up a bit when the game got outside. I liked the way it transitioned from seeming boss battle to real boss battle as this made it feel more exciting and made me feel like there was going to be non-stop action going on. Spider boss battle was a little repetitive, bats are always annoying and seemed crammed in just because the developers needed to hamper your efforts in getting to the legs so easily, but the ending was nice and cheesy and fitted the look/aura of the game. I feel this game is part Ninja Gaiden, part God of War, and part Earth Defense Force 2017. All good in their own way. And QTE are fun if done properly, but I do hope that they tone it down a bit in this and not make it part of every scene. For me this will be a buy, but I will wait until it comes down in price. The demo was fun and that is what I look for in my games; entertainment.

#10 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I just want to say that everyone who has said Ninja Blade is the 360's answer to God of War...you guys are crazy. I seriously don't see how anyone can truly believe that statement, especially those who only played the demo so far.

#11 Posted by Icemael (6798 posts) -

I actually found the Ninja Blade demo a lot more enjoyable than the Ninja Gaiden II demo(which was horrible IMO). Too QTE-heavy, but otherwise really good.

#12 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Really? I didn't find any enjoyment out of the demo at all. The combat lacks any kind of depth from what I played and the game didn't do anything interesting, except the bit where you were running down the building, which was the only part I had some fun with...

#13 Posted by Icemael (6798 posts) -

Thing is, I wasn't expecting Devil May Cry or God of War. It was mindless fun, and it looked cool - certainly not something that's GOTY worthy, but still very enjoyable. And unlike NGII's horrible camera, Ninja Blade's works great.

#14 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1485 posts) -

 This game felt like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden mixed together to me. It wasn't a very good demo, the QTE's are not fun and the frame rate felt awful. I predict this game will get a 2/5.

#15 Posted by dantebk (259 posts) -

Stuff I liked:

  • Can ride a wrecking ball into a giant spider
  • Can fall off a building and cut your way through monsters on the way down
  • Ninjas in the future have web-shooters
  • Always wished to combine QTEs with the grading system of Dance Dance Revolution
  • Ninja Blades are generally considered superior to Cowboy Blades, Pirate Blades, Robot Blades, etc.

Stuff I didn't like:
  • Game is terrible

4 out of 5 stars
Will add to Gamefly queue when comes out.  I don't think I laughed this much at a game since Psychonauts. 
#16 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I kind of liked it... is their something wrong with me?

#17 Posted by Ouroboros (330 posts) -

I liked it too, I think a little too much - going to buy the game this weekend when I get paid.

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