sins_of_mosin's Ninja Blade (Xbox 360) review

Quick time o-plenty.

For seven hours I put up with this crap.  After only a couple hours, I knew this game would never get really fun but more annoying.  I sure was right.  For a ninja, this guy moves like crap.  I was so sick of wall running or just any of the time killing BS.  The combat never got cool or fun.  I spent more time running and fighting bosses or mini bosses.  And gawd was that tedious crap.   Upgrading weapons didn't seem to have an effect.  The quick time events were so long and so many of them, I was just sick of it.  Level seven was a total filler and of recycled stuff from earlier.  Levels eight and nine jumped the difficulty up because of the long LONG boss fights.  On level nine, I just skipped all the normal guys an ran to the boss events.
The plot was bare bones and they really didn't care to explain more about the cause or how this current situation started.  Thou I stopped caring as the cut scenes were nothing special.     I had no sound on a couple cut scenes also.  
Ugh, just don't play the game.  There isn't one good thing about this game, at all.

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