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The kind of menace our heroes are up against. His name, "Itaizo", is a bad pun.
New York City has been taken over by the ancient and long-thought-dead wizard Genyousai from his "Ninja Tower". Our heroes, Joe and Hayabusa, decide to assault the Ninja Tower and save the city. Dismissing it as any sort of actual threat, Hayabusa claims "It looks like a small hut to me." Along the way, they pick up several friends whom the player can then select. Together, they form the team "Ninja Combat"! The game has seven stages of play, starting in the city streets and eventually moving to the inside of the Ninja Tower. Each stage ends with a boss. Players can use "ninja magic" by holding down the attack button and charging; this drains one bar of life from the player.

The Ninja Combat Roster:

  • The ninja of fire, Joe.
    Joe and Hayabusa: The default playable characters, they are identical, although their "ninja magic" looks different. Joe has the power of fire while Hayabusa has the power of thunder. They are also the only characters capable of picking up the various weapons found throughout the game.
  • Musashi: A samurai who the player fights in the first stage. After being defeated, he joins the players.
  • Kagerow: A miko who challenges the players in stage 2. "I was testing your power!" Like Musashi, after she is defeated she is selectable.
  • Genbu: A musclebound man fought on top of a train in stage 3 who uses sumo techniques. He was "deceived" by the villains. He also joins after being defeated.

Power up Items:

  • Attack up: This boosts the character's normal attack. I.E., it will boost the power of Joe and Hayabusa's shuriken, but not their ninja magic or if they are using a weapon.
  • Speed up: Increases the movement speed of the character.
  • Extra life: An extra life, obviously.
  • Cola & hamburgers: Restore a segment of lost life energy.

Weapons pick ups (Joe and Hayabusa only):

  • Nanchaku: Long range and decent attack power.
  • Club: Shorter range, decent attack power.
  • Sword: Similar to the club, but has greater attack power.
  • Axe: Very high attack power, but miserable range.
  • Spear: Excellent range and very high attack power, probably the best of the largely useless weapons.
  • Folding Fan: A mysterious weapon, there is only one in the game and nobody can actually use it.

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