Razor's Edge Ps3 demo up now on PSN

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Not sure about Europe but the North American PSN store the Razor's Edge demo is up. Go get it!

So, first off inital impressions are that it is WAY harder even on normal than the other game. The combat just "feels" more like a Ninja Gaiden game now. Actually stuck on the end of Ayane's portion of the demo these damn Alchemists are fucking brutal! Pretty excited for this now. Its still not going to beat Ninja Gaiden Black but at least this version seems like it way more on par with what Ninja Gaiden 3 should have been the first time. Liking it alot! I heard you can unlock Kasumi if you beat both of the levels. Also,everything you unlock in the demo transfers over to the retail game so that is a neat added bonus.

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Does this game utilize the sixaxis motion controls?

You know what I mean.

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I'll get this when it hits the bargain bin, really enjoyed the vanilla version especially the ninja trials.

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I have the game on Wii U and it's OK. I thought the combat still felt a little mashy compared to NG1, but I guess I haven't played NG1 in some time so I don't remember how mashy NG1 was.

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Does this game utilize the sixaxis motion controls?

You know what I mean.

I dunno I've been too busy dying over and over to Ayane's boss fight. Dudes are mad vicious.

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what is it like 20-40 bucks this is launching at? im definitely picking this up,

after revengence, i could go for some more games like this,

but like, whats going on with yaiba these days? surely we should've heard SOMETHING by now. seemed like a cool project,

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@mrfluke: Yeah, its launching at $40 and yeah this year seems heavy with action games. First DmC then Revengence now this and I guess for some people possibly God of War as well.

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@demoskinos: and then followed by bayonetta 2 for some people and then lords of shadow 2 and yaiba possibly this year also, nice to see this is the year of the character action game,

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I can confirm the ability to control Ayane's breasts with the sixaxis.

So, y'know, games got all you need right there.

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Wow. This game is ridiculous.

It's so hard and not in a fun way. SO many enemies and they all seem just as capable as Ayane (haven't got to Ryu and probably won't) and grabs often come out of no where especially since everything seems to just blend in to each other it can be hard to see which enemies are preparing a grab and also which are missing a limb ready to be destroyed. On top of that fights last far too long and at times it felt like they were infinitely re spawning (in the room with the rocket guy you have to throw a kunai at). Also Ayane likes to attack where she wants to instead of where I want to. I'll find myself pushing the stick towards an enemy and she goes after another. This is problematic as a whiffed attack means a short recovery and plenty of time for one of the absurd amount of enemies to come in and punish you.

After a bunch of restarts I finally got to what I assume is the boss, three ninjas drop down, each with their own health bar. Tried it twice and got no where. Seriously. Holy cow. I finished Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2 (and Sigma) and I don't recall anything being this hard in either of those games.

What the hell am I doing wrong guys? I have little idea of what the new mechanics are in this game but I see no move list. All I am doing is mashing square and ending combos with triangle while trying my best to move around and avoid hits.

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If you played vanilla NG3, You get some kind of bonus. Was the multiplayer in that worth it at all?

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Didn't notice any bonus on my demo, is it karma points maybe? I checked the upgrade screen only halfway through Ryu, so didn't notice if there was a starting Karma.

Holy shit, dat Ayane. I've never seen such speed, not even in NG 2. Holy fuck. And it was a constant 60 FPS in both chapters as well. Wow.

It's 3.30 AM here and I'm called to bed, so I couldn't analyze what I was playing properly but from what I've seen, this is certainly a right step towards a proper NG.

@superwristbands: Oh no doubt, it's insanely hard if you're coming in fresh. They sped everything up and cranked enemy agro up to an insane level. I died on the first Ryu arena without even noticing how many soldiers were there.

If you've played Vanilla NG3, Steel on Bone is now the grab counter. As soon as an enemy flashes red you should heavy attack to counter and insta kill, and chain it to anyone near you by pushing the analog+heavy attack ( the only mechanic in NG 3 I honestly liked ).

As for that Ayane targeting thingy you mentioned, you may be pushing on R3 / RS unknowingly, that hard locks you to an enemy without an onscreen indicator. If that's not the case, Vanilla NG 3 had a terrible auto-target, so it may be persisting here.

You're doing right otherwise. Stay on the defensive, unlock wind run and flying swallow as soon as you can from the select / back menu, use shurikens to stun enemies you want to engage.

OK off to bed. I'm really hoping the demo seems as fresh in my sober eyes as it did just now.

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Fuck. I did it. For those wondering. Get your weapon to level 2 so you can Izuna drop with square,triangle,square a few times, end with triangle. Then on the three ninja boss. Hold L1 and mash forward to roll and triangle to attack while rolling. They couldn't deal with that. (This is for Ayane's chapter)

@rolanthas: Thanks duder. I had no idea about the steel on bone mechanic and I didn't know about the upgrade screen. I swear I tried pressing the back button at one point and I thought it just brought up the start menu. Clearly I was wrong.

I didn't expect to spend my evening playing a game demo...

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Is there any reason to buy this if I already have it on Wii U besides having all three games on one platform? Does it look any better then the Wii U version? Better anti aliasing?

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@liquidprince: i can't say for sure since I don't have a WiiU but I'd imagine it looks better. There is also some exclusive costumes although that really isn't a reason to buy it.

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I finished the demo and I have come to the conclusion that it is not "fair" hard. It is certainly unfair. In that final section with Ryu it was grabs for days and most of them were coming from off screen. Also, the issue of wonky targeting continued. I'm not a clencher so I really don't think I hit a lock on target. An example of the targeting system fucking me: I used that rising slash to downward stab with the katana and after hitting the ground, instead of Ryu continuing to attack the guy right in front of him (who was still very alive), he did a 180 and went after some guy who was not even close enough for it to be okay and I whiffed and was punished by another dude.

After that ordeal the game told me hard mode was unlocked and I was having nothing of it's awful jokes.

Sad thing is I kind of want to play the full version and I don't even think I have it in me to beat it. I'm probably a masochist.

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So apparently Kasumi IS in the demo but to unlock her you have to apparently beat chapter challenge stage on every difficulty with an S-Rank. Yeah....thats prob not going to happen. Hopefully she isn't this insane to unlock in the actual game or Im gonna be a bit pissed.

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Finally a new Ninja Gaiden I want to play. I have to admit that I knocked it down to hero after I had trouble beating the ATV (or whatever) guys in the Ryu part. I have to get used to the new systems and the way it plays before I really get into it (thanks @rolanthas for clearing up how the bone and steel system works). I was extremely disappointed with the original NG3 demo (why would you put QTEs in the combat?) but they get my money for this one.

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Finally got around to playing this demo on my 360. Holy shit is it hard compared to the de-facto beta version of NG3, where I saw one streamer literally mash Y with one hand on his controller and got through half of a level that way. As others above mentioned: they actually attack in groups instead of lining up to get gutted, and the useless "cowering" enemy mechanic is gone, replaced with more of a "kamikaze" feature like from Ninja Gaiden 2. I'm all for no-kill runs/morality options in action games, but only if they actually affect your final tally (see: MG Rising, Mark of the Ninja) instead of merely being background noise before you're forced to slaughter them anyways.

With Ryu I managed to get up to those alchemists with the tetris-like shield blocks and I think I killed a couple before their buddies shoved a giant 8-bit fist up my ass. With Ayane I had some fun with the exploding shuriken but her attacks actually seem kind of slower and meeting the miniboss alchemist dudes was really frustrating.

In terms of difficulty this demo was not quite "trying to get to the next checkpoint playing Ninja Gaiden 2 (360) on Mentor" hard yet but I'm actually interested in this version.

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Is there any reason to buy this if I already have it on Wii U besides having all three games on one platform? Does it look any better then the Wii U version? Better anti aliasing?

Probably lots of changes but the ones I know of are:

  • On PS3/360 you cannot charge a UT right off the bat against the alchemist bosses on Day 2 Ayane. They will jump back and start channeling magic.
  • On PS3/360, during the dinosaur fight phase 2, if you dodgejump as usual, the dino will never fall over. Only if you stop jumping will it fall. A wierd change that makes it harder to avoid.

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