Ninja Gaiden 3 Officially On The Way From Team Ninja

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#51 Posted by nail1080 (2030 posts) -

Oh yes!!! I thought my favourite series of all time was dead, but it's coming back! Yessssss!!! FUCK YEAH!! Master Ninja 3 here I come!

#52 Posted by Curufinwe (1271 posts) -

Ninja Gaiden 3 would be much better if a Western developer with a spotty track record was making it and Ryu Hayubusa was being turned into a ugly looking Twilight wannabe.

#53 Posted by AjayRaz (12651 posts) -
@Xearo said:
" While i like NG i would rather have a new DoA "
we are getting a new DoA! not a DOA5, but it's good enough!
#54 Posted by Brendan (8664 posts) -
@Curufinwe said:
"Ninja Gaiden 3 would be much better if a Western developer with a spotty track record was making it and Ryu Hayubusa was being turned into a ugly looking Twilight wannabe. "

*Drops from ceiling, snaps neck, makes silent getaway*
#55 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

Even though Itagaki's gone im still stoked for this

#56 Posted by MajorMitch (814 posts) -


#57 Posted by sterbacblu (271 posts) -

I'll wait for the Black / Sigma version...maybe.

#58 Posted by BionicRadd (627 posts) -

Have they learned how to build a camera system yet?  Staring at the exterior wall of the building you are fighting inside of is NOT FUN.  Honestly, I don't understand how people can just write off NG's horrid cameras as a minor annoyance.

#59 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
@ryanwho said:
" I hate to say it, but really all the Sigma games highlighted was oatmealface is a super key element into the series working and that a lot of Team Ninja people don't seem to "get it" if Sigma 2 is any indication of the direction this game will be headed. Other M stinking it up doesn't exactly restore faith in them either. "
So...polishing the busted aspects and adding more content onto the existing package somehow made the game worse than the original version of Ninja Gaiden II?
#60 Posted by Curufinwe (1271 posts) -

Team Ninja did a great job with Sigma 2 considering the memory constraints of the PS3, and since NG 3 is going to be designed from the start with both platforms in mind I'm confident it will be an even better action game.

#61 Posted by is343 (113 posts) -

Is it gonna take a year to get a sigma version of this out too?

#62 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

Yeah, i bought Ninja Gaiden 2.... that was a mistake i''m not going to make again!

#63 Posted by Cloudleet (178 posts) -

Nice! Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 are way up on my list, next to Jedi Knight 2 and Arkham Asylum (do not confuse this with my FAVORITE games, they are good games, but Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is still my favorite game). I've secretly been praying for some more Ninja Gaiden. I wonder if they'll put even more crazy weapons in this time!

#64 Posted by Blue5hift (31 posts) -

Can't wait. That series is so fun and challenging. Hopefully the standards will be upheld.

#65 Edited by VanderSEXXX (564 posts) -
@Shayera said:

" Without Itagaki I don't know.  They won't risk too many changes, so they'll probably copy/paste NG2, give it a little polish, new stages and call it a day. "

I share the same sentiment.  
While I  played the hell out of Sigma 2 (couldn't play Ninja Gaiden 2 cause I don't own a 360), I kinda felt the game was toned down after beating Master Ninja Level since it relied way too much on certain moves with invincible frames that kinda removed the unique balanced difficulty that I experienced with Ninja Gaiden: Black. I just hope they put back the formula that Itagaki used during his time of development which is what made the Ninja Gaiden series such a great action title. 
Though the new Team Ninja director says that  "Ninja Gaiden 3 is a numbered title. We're developing it with the idea of restarting at the beginning, saying 'We'd like to make an action game that's most interesting for the current era.' With this meaning, it's going to be a game that's not bound by the past more than necessary. Of course, we will be valuing the past, but, in a good meaning, we'd like to make it into a game that's not tied down by the past."  
I don't know if it will be a day 1 purchase based on my experience with Sigma & Sigma 2. Though I enjoyed both of those games, its just not the same as the thrilling experience of Ninja Gaiden: Black in the original Xbox. 
#66 Posted by Deusoma (3188 posts) -

Hopefully with Itagaki gone, the girls will have more reasonably-sized chests and wear less ridiculous outfits. It'd be nice if one of these games turned out not to be embarrassing and borderline misogynistic for once.

#67 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

I always assumed that the Sigma games wree vastly better than the xbox versions.
I mean I loved Itigaki and his games, DOA and NG but with him gone It will be nice t osee a neew breath of fresh air for this game

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