Played Coop all night. Twas amazing.

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So, sauntered into a random room online on the 360 version and we started playing. We started on the 2nd Tier of missions "Mentor" and eked our way through various heated battles barely scraping by and narrowly escaping death at each turn. Ended up getting up to Tier 3 mission 5 "Leader" . The 4th mission on Tier 3 was especialy fiendish as the end boss was Demon Genshin with lacky ninjas both with slivers of health left I lashed out in desperation just as Genshin downed my fellow ninja. Terrified we might lose my finger was hot on the "B" button ready to ressurect him and hoping some form of escape provided itself so I could get some breathing room. When "Mission Complete" popped up at that very moment. Sighs of relief were had as the score tally screen came up.

The absolute intensity of the later fights in Mission Mode can't be described. Really wish more people were playing the Coop. I bought the $10 DLC pack today and the +20 missions it added are fantastic. I also have a BAD ASS freaking Beret for my ninja. Repeat, my ninja is rocking a sick Beret you guys. Anyways suppose bed is in order as I have to be at work in oh.... 6hours? Just felt the need to post my ramblings somewhere before I did so. But seriously... if anyone wants help with missions I'm down. Ive beaten the vast majority of them. I only have the DLC missions on 360 though as that seems to be where the online is more active.

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