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Uniquely Hectic 2

The titular Dragon Sword is unceremoniously dragged to the side by the protagonist.*Hi, RayCarter again. This is the third and second last installment of Ninja Month, where I review two Tenchu games and two Ninja Gaiden games. With the Tenchu games all wrapped up I am venturing into Itagaki territory, where I play two games from the franchise that stars one of the video game's most beloved ninjas: Ryu Hayabusa. This week I'm reviewing Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the NDS. Hope you can see my ot...

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They said it couldn't be done. 0

It's sad that Itagaki recently announced he will not be working on any more Ninja Gaiden games, because Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is one of the top action games known to handhelds - arguably only topped by Chains of Olympus. With fierce, fast and intuitively designed gameplay, Dragon Sword is undoubtedly the DS action game. The story is well worth paying attention to, featuring well done manga-styled cutscenes - a different take on the Ninja Gaiden series, but definitely not a bad one. The bla...

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Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review 1

When Ninja Gaiden DS was announced by Team Ninja last year, some new fans of the franchise may have turned their noses up in disgust that their favourite game would be coming to the DS, in apparently reduced form. I myself was sceptical also. as to whether you could recreate sufficiently the console game experience on the humble little DS. Ninja Gaiden in it's modern form concentrates very strongly on fast paced combat of the highest calibre. It's a game filled with depth of control that require...

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Your stylus is your sword in this great action game for the DS. 0

When Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass would use the touch screen as the main control set up, many people were skeptical about how it would work, and to what degree of success that they would pull it off. It was definitely the kind of control scheme that if not done properly, it would ruin the entire game based around it. Thankfully, the control scheme turned out really well, and saved what would otherwise be "Zelda-lite". Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is the next in li...

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Lots of Fiends. 0

NINJA GAIDEN DRAGON SWORD Pros: -Gorgeous graphics -Great sound -Awesome boss battles -Controls work very well -Gameplay is always fun -Well rounded -Cut scenes are some of the best on the DS Cons: -Relatively brief -Can get repetitive -Sometimes get pixilated look -No multiplayer whatsoever Ninja Gaiden is an action game for the Nintendo DS. The DS is held like a book, and all controls are on the touch screen, except for blocking. The story begins with Ryu Hayabusa, the last of the Dragon Li...

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A magnificent game that is hurt by length and sometimes controls. 0

I'd first like to begin by saying, This is my first Ninja Gaiden game.This game has inspired me to try out the rest of the series because from what it feels like, this series is a button-mashing series and I love button-mashing.Anyways here I go... The Gameplay is great. All you got to do is slide your stylus across the screen a million times till all the monsters disappear and you can move to the next area, any blind person can do it!(I'm not blind) The bad thing about it is that sometimes you...

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An Abbreviated but Perfect Counterpart to Its Console Brethren 0

Wow, where to begin? I wish I could add the game's opening soundtrack to this review, so as to help express my overflowing appreciation of Dragon Sword. But alas, suffice it to say, I love this game! I had been waiting for it for a long, long time, and now it's finally here in all its glory. Know, reading this review, I haven't actually played another Ninja Gaiden game before this one (well, I did play the old Ninja Gaiden on the NES, though it's quite different from what we now have with the s...

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Ninja Gaiden in the palm of your hand. 0

 Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Review This was my first experience using a DS. I am huge fan of the Ninja Gaiden series and had wanted to try this out for ages. I can safely say that if you’re a fan of Ninja Gaiden you will enjoy this, albeit in slightly stripped down form this is the closest thing to having Ninja Gaiden in the palm of your hand. The biggest show stopper is the controls, they are just perfect; everything is controlled with the stylus. While this doesn’t offer the same skill based ga...

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Great action game enjoyable by both long time fans and newcomers. 0

So, Ninja Gaiden is back to a Nintendo console with a proper release and for the DS, taking full advantage of the touch screen and other aspects of the handheld, even though not as much, the result is a game that should be played by both long time fans and newcomers to the series. For you to play the game you hold the DS like a book, just like you did with the Brain Age games if you ever played it, with the stylus at hand you control where Ryu Hyabusa will go and attack, the main attack is done...

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