Has anyone tried to get or gotten an S-rank in Ninja Gaiden 2?

#1 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -

I just ordered NG2 and fable 2. Both platinum hits versions. I never played NG2, but I did like the original and liked Bayonetta a lot. I dont usually find myself wanting to S-rank games very often but for some reason the ridiculousness of the achievements in NG2 kind of make me want to at least try for it. Fable 2 I just never got to finish it and never got the dlc.
Anyone tried, came close or actually gotten an S-rank in it?
Has to be ridiculous considering only 0.32% unlocked  Master Ninja of Missions

#2 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Anyone that does it is clearly insane. There's several achievements where you have to play through the whole game using only one weapon, and you only get 5 points for doing it. Plus you don't even find some of the weapons until several levels deep, so if I understand this correctly, you have to just use ninja stars until you can access those weapons.

#3 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -
yeah, but on a guide it says you can make a late game save by using only projectiles and use that save to finish the game several times.
#4 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I can't imagine beating bosses by using only projectiles, though. That seems totally crazy to me.

#5 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -
magic too right. Nimpo I guess.
#6 Posted by Hairy_Fish (375 posts) -
@TheGreatGuero: You can start a new game+ with all the weapons
#7 Posted by VanderSEXXX (570 posts) -

when you say S-Rank do you mean beating the Master Ninja levels in the mission modes? Cause the most I've done so far was finish the campaign on Master Ninja level, and finishing only 2 Ultimate Ninja Missions so far. 

#8 Posted by buzz_clik (7288 posts) -
@VanderSEXXX: I assume S-Rank as in all 1,000 GS (or the PS3 equivalent).
#9 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -

when I say s-rank I mean all 1250 points, the dlc counts too. I bought the platinum hits version since I heard that comes with it.

#10 Posted by buzz_clik (7288 posts) -
@mnzy: Type what you gotta, then go back and add links.
#11 Posted by VanderSEXXX (570 posts) -

Damn! getting all achievements? then im pretty far from it then im only 42%. :o

#12 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Getting 1250 in NG2 is quite the badge of honour. The master ninja mode is brutal for anyone with no experience of this kind of game, and the survival achievements are rough too.
I have the full 1250 for NG2, I am a certified Ninja Gaiden fanatic (visit iberiansngrealm.com and look for JTB123, put it in youtube if you want further proof), there's a lot of people on that site that haven't even got 1250 and fewer that did it as early as some, me being one of them. 
There is immense level of depth to the combat that very few people have the patience to learn but when you do it is so worth it :)

#13 Posted by Demoskinos (16442 posts) -

Toughest part is the damn challenges... fuck man.... I've ALMOST got all the points but I'll never complete all the damn missions. They are just BRUTAL. Way worse than the main campaign even on Master Ninja.

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