What do you know about this game?

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With its unfortunate release date, this game didn't have the privilege of being reviewed by the GB staff. It also happened to be before I started playing xbox seriously again, so I missed all (if any) of the hype around it. 
It's pretty cheap, and I'm a fan of big sword wielding games with few qualifiers (I like everything from FF to Kingdom of Paradise on the PSP) but I don't really trust IGN reviews (8.7, for the record) or Metacritic. (Again, 81, for the record.) 
So, since the GB staff is silent on the game, what does the GB community say? 
EDIT: Although I was pretty sure it's obvious, a friend brought to my attention that this is the 360 version, not the original NES game. Thank you.

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Ninja Gaiden II is pretty great. I have the PS3-enhanced Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 but i spent some time with Ninja Gaiden II. it's not bad at all, but it has it's share of problems. the camera is horrible and for new players, the game will be very punishing. the Ninja Gaiden series is known for it's difficulty and it doesn't hold back in this game (though i did not find it too difficult after going through Ninja Gaiden Sigma).  
besides that, it's a solid, bloody ninja game. if you have a PS3 though, go for Sigma 2. it's pretty cheap, so even if you don't like it, it's not like you paid full price for it. 

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It's really fucking hard and I bought it for 20 bucks and have no regrets.
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@chstupid said:
" It's really fucking hard and I bought it for 20 bucks and have no regrets. "
I say it is easy, but that's because the first one taught me how to play and taught me what real difficulty is.
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I really enjoyed it. I didn't get past the second boss, I think, but it was still a lot of fun! I'm not usually into action games but I am totally happy I played it.

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@CoheedFavorHouse: Did they really not review it? Because I remember in one of the "Building A Bomb" videos back in the day, Ryan was playing it and killing ghost fish. The name of the episode was "Ghost Fish Killah". I guess he was just playing it for fun? 
But yeah, I think it's a good game. If you can pick it up cheap, then I'd do it.
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@tooPrime said:
" @chstupid said:
" It's really fucking hard and I bought it for 20 bucks and have no regrets. "
I say it is easy, but that's because the first one taught me how to play and taught me what real difficulty is. "
Actually, I agree. I found the II to be quite a bit easier than I. I actually managed to beat the first boss on my first try in II. Travesty.
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If you've played the original, at first while playing the second you'll be a bit dissapointed, but if you try and get through it, it will turn out to be a really great game in the end. It looks blurrier than the PS3 version, but it's still better technically if that even matters. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is worse in my opinion. So uhhh. Ninja Gaiden 2 is a good game, but personally, if you have a lot of other games that have good replayability, it isn't worth the buy.
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@JJWeatherman: Yeah I didn't see a review score. It came out like two months before GB launched...I think. I looked it up awhile ago, so that might not be completely right
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I bought it on this advice. That, and the fact that it was like 6 bucks. I haven't tried my luck at a "hard game" in awhile. 
P.S. I looked at Sigma2 BUT A.) I play my PS3 significantly less than I play my 360. B.) none of my friends have PS3s, so this way I can lend it to them and laugh when they get frustrated. and C.) it was much more expensive.
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yeah go for the game if you're really into hard games. Though its not as hard as the 1st one when it comes to the normal difficulties but entering the Master Ninja difficulty (the hardest and most punishing) is the real way to play the game.  
Sadly I also only settled to have the PS3 version Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 since I dont have an x360, which is sort of a toned down version of the x360 version in terms of violence and some boss fights. Nevertheless its still hard and even when your done with the campaign in the x360 you can always test your skills in the single mission modes which was also sadly gutted in the PS3 version where its a forced coop mission mode which can be only fun if you have a very good net connection.

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It's awesome, first clear warrior, then clear mentor, then clear master ninja, then clear the vicious DLC, and you'll realise what it actually is to be a console gamer, and then have a cry when you realise how much other games hold your hand throughout and suck these days.

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