Whats the best weapon to upgrade on my first time?

#1 Posted by EDdark (13 posts) -

I already leveled the dragon sword two times, now its maxed. what should i do next?

#2 Posted by MutenMiller (233 posts) -

Well you're deffinately going to want to get your Luna Staff as high as possible as soon as you can, because it makes handling the werewolves much easier. That thing just blasts their limbs off like no tomorrow. You'll also pick up the scythe pretty soon after that, and that tends to be pretty much everyone's go to weapon, so I'd definitely advice pumping that up ASAP.

After you've got the scythe all leveled up, you can be pretty much set up for the whole game, but it's a good time to explore around and find out what works for your play style.

#3 Posted by Raydanger (77 posts) -

As MillerWakka said, yeah, get that scythe up as  quick as you can. At lvl 3, there is an  aerial combo  ( i think its x,x,y,y)  that will de-limb almost anything. Then move in for the kill.  Heh, maybe there should be a de-limb page.....

#4 Posted by Quint (143 posts) -

Just the same as these guys have said, you've already levelled the Dragon Sword and that's going to be your go to weapon for the bulk of the game but also get your Lunar staff maxed as soon as you can and then the same for the Scythe.

After that it's really up to you and your play style, you can just stick to those 3 or find some more weapons that you like using and get those maxed out as well (I personally levelled the Talons).

#5 Posted by hungrynun (461 posts) -

When I started out I just stuck with the Dragon Sword for my first play though. I later experimented with the different weapons on my 2nd - 9th play through to see which tickles my fancy. I grew fond of the scythe.

You should do the same, except not with that many play throughs.

#6 Posted by EDdark (13 posts) -

All right, i'll do that, i'm just in chapter four

#7 Posted by MutenMiller (233 posts) -

Nice. Chapter five is when the game takes the gloves off goes crazy awesome.

#8 Posted by Whisperkill (3045 posts) -

The Vigorian flail leveled up all the way is awesome

#9 Posted by Bladefire (221 posts) -

If you level up the claws you can get an awesome secret move that got me through Master Ninja. You flying swallow at an enemy (jump, forward Y) then just hit X, Y and you'll auto azuna drop any normal size ninja.

#10 Posted by voghan (51 posts) -

Once you get the Eclipse Scythe you'll want to upgrade that because it's awesome in boss battles.  I skipped the lunar staff and upgraded the dual katanas instead.

#11 Posted by ZimpanX (436 posts) -
voghan said:
"Once you get the Eclipse Scythe you'll want to upgrade that because it's awesome in boss battles.
#12 Posted by SicklyBug (13 posts) -

Upgrade the lunar staff first, it has a very useful attack called the izuna drop (Jump, XXY). Once you get the scyhte it pretty much makes the game's bosses much easier.

#13 Posted by Vaxadrin (2319 posts) -

The Lunar also has a very strong normal combo with XXY that takes massive chunks of health away from bosses.

#14 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

The Eclipse Scythe is EPIC. Seriously.

Other than that, the Falcon's Talons has a flying swallow that ends in an Izuna Drop... which naturally is awesome.

#15 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

I would say the Falcons talons

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