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Ninja This 0

Ninja Gaiden is a good game, I just became bord of it, thanks to its' unneccesary back tracking and other shit that put me off the whole experience. I was half way through and I went through the damn same place 7 times. The game is also a little too difficult. Howver the game runs smooth in 1080p and it makes the game easier however with barely any health pick-ups and health upgrades are a chore Ninja Gaiden remains a game for primarily die-hard Ninja Gaiden fans. It's still a good game however,...

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Sleek.Demanding.Fast.Intelligent.Merciless.Brutal.Gratifying. 0

THIS REVIEW IS DESTINED TO THOSE WHO, LIKE MYSELF, DIDN'T PLAY ANY NINJA GAIDEN GAME BEFOREThe gameplay is extremely well-designed and the control over Ryu is seamless, particularly when fighting enemies. There's no clunky lock-on system here, instead, when you press one of the two attack buttons, Ryu automatically hits the enemy closest to him and when you press the projectile button, he throws it at the nearest enemy in front of him with the accuracy of a true ninja – and all works perfectly, ...

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The game that is the same thing as before.But with a hot lady. 0

Well this is Ninja Gaiden Sigma(and some crooked M:)) and it is basically a remake of Ninja Gaiden for the regular Xbox.The main thing that this one adds is the ability to play as Rachel and some other add ons were you can shoot arrows in mid-air,and fight on water surfaces and that was all.Well I watched the great KVO video review of this and he said that the difficulty was scaled down a little bit...and that meanie!He lied....but that is just my opinion he is probably much more skilled at vide...

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Even thought its remake of Ninja Gaiden its still a great game 0

One of the first games i wanted to picked up with my ps3 was Sigma and behold a week after getting my ps3 i got it. even thought there have been two other versions of the same game on the xbox it still does'nt show its ages at all. You play the young Ninja Ryu Hayabusa (also from dead or alive). The story starts with Ryu Invading the Shadow clan ninja fort to pay a vist to his uncle name Muria who is the clan leader soon after thought Information comes that his village (Hayabusa) is under attac...

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Ninja gaiden sigma just rocks 0

 Ninja gaiden sigma rocks... yeap it just rocks . it is just so addicting , so well designed , so atmosfairic, so damn rewarding when you slash your enemies. what was i missing! my first NG was the one for master system and is one of my favorite games i ever played that time! so happy memories! an instant favorite for me. then there were Ng for nes. they were awesome too!now 15 years later i just played sigma. boy what was i missing.. i beat it twice in a row. i am playing this game for over 2 w...

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Ninja's and lots of hacking and slashing? Win? 0

Proving that 3rd party exclusives are hardly exclusive anymore, an updated version of the then exclusive Xbox360 game, Ninja Gaiden II(notice that ‘Only on Xbox360′ badge?), was announced this past E3 for the PS3, in Sigma form. Meaning there will probably be updated levels, weapons, modes, etc. Ninja Gaiden came out for the Xbox1 back in ‘04, then remade as Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3’s launch in 06′ with those mentioned enhancements. The Good – Awesome, fast paced hack-n-slash gameplay that...

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One of the best action/adventure games ever now for PS3. 0

The Good: Improved graphics over the original, some added music, challenging, slick animations, amazing bossfights, added tweaks that removes some frustration, deep and rewarding combat system, female character Rachel is now playable.The Bad: Rachel's missions could have been lengthier and more robust, not all changes are necessarily for the better, some signs of age, missing unlockables, bad and unnecessary use of the Sixasis motion controls, doesn't come at a reduced price.To quickly sum up th...

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A Great Overall Game!!! 0

Gameplay is very well done with a bunch of button combination for all obtainable weapons, so there's a weapons for everyone to use. Each weapons is unique on it own. The heavier weapons have slower movement when attacking, while lighter weapons like the dragon sword have quicker movement. Most weapons have three to two levels for you to upgrade. The wooden sword however is the only exception. In order to fully unleash it full power you have to upgrade seven level. When fully upgrade the wooden s...

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I hope you like a challenge, because this game goes well beyond t 0

Best Feature: Rewarding, fast and fun combo system. Beautiful 1080i visuals. Ninjas...Ninjas are always awesome... Worst Feature: This game may not be for everyone, cause its so damn hard. Rachel's missions are less fun and don't seem to add anything substantial. I was very excited to play this game, because I am a die hard fan of the classic NES Ninja Gaiden games. So die hard in fact that I almost didn't play it based sheerly on the fact that Ruy's uniform was not purple like his NES counte...

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Sigma review 0

For my second review I have selected a stand-alone Playstation 3 title (at the moment in time), Xbox fans (*cringe*) may know some of the other titles from: Team Ninja, yes that’s correct, I’m going to be reviewing: Ninja Gaiden: Sigma(genre: action-adventure) ‘The evil dark dragon blade... A legendary sword, said to be carved out of the bones of a black dragon, it brought plague and death to the world during the age of ancient myth. It has been sealed by those of the dragon lineage since the...

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The greatest version of the greatest actiongame ever? Think again 0

Ninja Gaiden was released many years ago as a Hack n Slash actionadventure with heavy emphasis on the action. The game could arguably be compared to games like "Devil May Cry" or the more recent "Heavenly Sword". Enemies spawn and you string together combos of moves similar to a fighting game to eliminate them and move on to the next room. Contrary to DMC and HS tho, Ninja Gaiden feautured quite alot of exploring and puzzlesolving feeling almost like a Zelda adventure at times.Since the release ...

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