dooops's Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) review

Great game for experienced gamers

If you are an experienced gamer you might enjoy this game more then a newer gamer. It is difficult at first but you can master this game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very smooth. Enemies jump out of different areas to often catch you by surprise. The camera angles can take a little getting used to.

Graphics: The cutscenes are phenominal and actually matter to the storyline instead of being all flash but no content. The graphics are great while playing the game as well. The surrounding are nice and often interactive.

Sound: I found it a bit lacking. The music does get you pumped at a few occasions, however those are far and few between.

Value: This game has a lot of play time and will keep you trying to master your ninja skills for hours to come!

Reviewer's tilt: I love the amount of moves you have with the few weapons availble. Instead of putting tons of weapons with few moves which cause you to select a few weapons and continue using them. This game gives you fewer weapons but much more techniques with them. This causes less repetition and forces you to fight differently depending on the scenerio. The boss mobs are difficult but you can figure them out after a few failed attempts. The storyline is immersive and entertaining.

A great well rounded game!

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