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Ninja is a Battle Tetris Gaiden Character. He has stylized, spiky animé hair, a back-sheathing katana and and pet frog. His Crystal Powers are:

Level 1: ヨセ Yose (寄せ) (Coming Together/Endgame)

Summons a wind which pushes all the blocks in your field together towards one side eliminating holes.

Level 2: マヤカシ Myakashi (Deception)

Opponents's five next tetraminos change to a random piece after entering field.

Level 3: ダイナシ Dainashi (台無し) Spoil

Casts a web in opponent's field causing blocks above cleared lines to remain in place, floating above the rest of the stack.

Level 4: メヂューサ Medyūsa (Medusa)

Summons a purple snake-haired, green skinned female demon who turns the opponent's entire stack to stone which must be cleared away twice before disappearing. Does not effect opponent's in-field Crystal Orbs.

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