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I wonder if ninjas live there 0

  Title: Ninja Town Genre: RTS (real-time strategy) Developer : Venan Platform: Nintendo DS Rating: E (everyone) Product Link: Website: Source Link: An Army of Demons has burst forth from a volcano to destroy your homeland…or at the very least eat all your cookies. In Venan’s Ninjatown you play as Ol’ Master, the venerable ye...

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Why Play This When PixelJunk Monsters Exists 0

Maybe I'm spoiled, but my first introduction to the tower defense genre was PixelJunk Monsters. Monsters is one of my favorite games of all time, and a game that really set the bar high for the entire genre. Playing Ninjatown just made me appreciate all the things that Q Games did right with PixelJunk Monsters. The towers (ninjas) all felt nearly identical aside from the standard melee vs. ranged unit. Everytime I unlocked a new unit, it felt like a small variation on a theme rather than a new w...

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Overall this is a good game to have when traveling. 0

This game is fun and cute. It doesn't usually get frustratingly hard, but it's not necessarily easy. Enough challenge to enjoy. The game play is basic tower defense with small tweaks and differences but nothing revolutionary. Some of the dialog is funny but really just sill.  Overall this is a good game to have when traveling....

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A Polished Tower Defense-style Game 0

Ninjatown may look like some generic, cutesy baby game, but it most certainly is not.  You are put in control of a town of Ninjas who must keep evil Mr. Demon from stealing a secret cookie formula and generally wreaking havoc upon the world.Sounds like winner, no?  Trust me , it is.Like in most Tower Defense games, you're given a map on which to build structures.  These structures will attack or in some way help stop the rush of enemies trying to get from one side of the map to the other.  In Ni...

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NinjaTown Review 0

NinjaTown for the DS is yet another Tower Defense type game that seems to be flooding the marketplace. At first look this game looks a bit childish, and appears to be the type of game that is better suited for the young ones, but that would be a bad assumption. The complexity and strategy that you have to deploy throughout the 36 levels will require some keen intellect as well as some cut-throat strategies. In NinjaTown you will be placing buildings that will house different types of ninjas to h...

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Ninjatown: Complexity and Cuteness 0

OverviewNinjatown is a tower defense games made by Southpeak games in conjunction with Shawnimals LLC., a character design studio. Ninjatown looks like a typical tower defense game on its surface, but its unique charm and surpirsingly deep gameplay make it a must have game for lovers of the genre or anyone looking for a great pick-up-and-play game.StoryNinjatown is populated by ridiculously cute creatures called Wee Ninjas. One day, Mr. Demon and his army of Wee Devils decide to attack Ninjatown...

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