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Artwork of Ninten
Artwork of Ninten

Ninten is the first and main protagonist of the Nintendo Entertainment System Turn-Based RPG Mother (known in America unofficially as "EarthBound Zero" due to the fact that the game is the prequel to EarthBound). Ninten's name is a play on the word "Nintendo." Ninten has psychic powers (PSI in the game) and a mysterious background. At one point in the game, it is stated that Ninten has asthma. Ninten has constantly been compared to Ness, the main protagonist of EarthBound, due to the similar appearance and similar goals. Many other similarities present themselves throughout the game, but it is unknown whether or not they are the same.

When Ninten first sets out on his adventure in Mother, it is to investigate a strange occurrence of a poltergeist in his humble village of Podunk. Similar occurrences are happening all over the globe, eventually leading up to a malignant alien entity known as Gyiyg (Giygas in EarthBound).

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