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ok ive been saving up stars from nintendo games for a while and i have enough for a fair few points cards. when the e shop launches later this month  will i be able to buy dsi games from the eshop or will i need to get ahold of a dsi buy the game and link it to my 3ds. also if i can get dsi games from the e shop what should i get  shantae 2 risky's revenge or megaman legends 3 prototype?

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Dude It's like 3D, but you don't need the glasses!
Honestly though it's hard to say seeing as it's not out yet

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No, you'll be able to buy regular DSiWare games, expect the entire current crop to appear on the service. Risky's will be available, you can count on it.

You will have to log into Club Nintendo very soon though, and accept their new terms so your current stars are ready for the eShop, otherwise you'll lose them.

Got this message when I logged into Club Nintendo:

Please review our new Privacy Policy by logging into your Club Nintendo account. Once you have read the information displayed upon logging in, please use the appropriate buttons to either ACCEPT or DECLINE this new Privacy Policy. 

Please note that if we haven't received your answer by 31st May, 2011, or if you choose to DECLINE our new Privacy Policy, you will from that day onwards no longer be able to use your Stars in the Stars Catalogue, as we will be forced to deactivate your Club Nintendo membership. No matter what you decide, you can still use your Stars and enjoy all the other benefits of Club Nintendo membership until 31st May, 2011.

Less than a month, what a cheek, It's almost like they want you to lose your stars. I think it's safe to say this has something to do with the 3DS eShop launch. When Nintendo said it would hit at the end of the month, they really meant it. What a bummer, but at least we know. 

If your'e a Club Nintendo UK member, make sure you accept the new terms a soon as possible, otherwise it could mean transferring DSiWare games is made more difficult, and you'll lose all your precious stars. With the Zelda Anniversary coming up, you can bet your arse Nintendo will have some cool memorabilia to put up on the Stars Catalogue soon.

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