Regular DS games on Eshop?

#1 Posted by Meteor_VII (171 posts) -

Maybe I am not using the 3ds Eshop correctly but are there DS games on the eshop for 3ds? If they are there I can't find them and it seems odd that I can't because aren't all DS titles compatible with the 3ds?

#2 Edited by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

Not yet, just like the GBA games the system already supports. Really, outside of a couple recent NES games, the VC has been horrible.

#3 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Some DS e-shop games are on the 3DS e-shop, but retail DS games are not.

#4 Posted by BisonHero (8424 posts) -

Yeah, Nintendo is really dragging their heels on the 3DS eShop. It has no DS games (nor has that possibility ever been acknowledged), no GBA games for sale (but the Ambassador thing gives you them for free), and a pretty pitiful amount of Game Boy Color games.

Pro tip Nintendo: lay off on the OG Game Boy games for a bit. It had a few really spectacular games, among a sea of mediocrity. Mario Lands, Wario Lands, Tetris, Zelda, Pokemon, all great on Game Boy, but c'mon, please move on to GBC and GBA.

#5 Posted by Meteor_VII (171 posts) -

Thanks for the answers. That really freaking sucks because I would have spent some money on them because I never owned a reg DS but don't really have to bother with carts.

#6 Posted by GrantHeaslip (1774 posts) -

It’s kind of ridiculous that they have the technology to put out GBA games (and, depending on how the 3DS DS hardware works, DS games) and aren’t. There are some GBA games I’d love to play and would gladly drop $10 for.

#7 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3079 posts) -

They should totally DS games to the eShop. While they're at it bring GBA games to 3DS, the decision to bring those to Wii U is just laughable.

#8 Posted by McShank (1647 posts) -

They need to bring all games to 3ds eshop.. Hell even n64 games would be pretty cool since i doubt the 3ds is weaker then that system. I want more then just zelda and the few 3ds games they have on there.

#9 Posted by believer258 (12806 posts) -

I wish. I'm getting a 3DS soon and tracking down old Atlus games is a real pain.

#10 Posted by FFFFFFF (76 posts) -

They seem like they are dragging their feet with VC stuff on the 3DS. From the selection to the high prices to not including anything from SNES/GBA. Getting around to DS games might be a while.

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