3DS Friend Code Exchange

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Feel free to PM me.

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Just picked up Kid Icarus last night. Pre-ordered Heroes of Ruin as well, so theres at least 2 games I can play online.

Oh yeah, heres my friend code: 4682-9374-4805

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Just picked up a 3ds..McNasty 4124-6090-5146 add me yo!

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Just picked up my 3DS with Zelda. Code is 2750-2198-1086, send me a message if you add me. If not, I'll just be sad ;)

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So I just got a 3DS with Kid Icarus and I´m loving it. I would love new friends, maybe for some multiplayer or just to exchange drawings of dicks. Here is my friend code! 5413-1028-2971

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Got one as a present today - whoop rayman origins! 1547-63402818

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Had mine for awhile, just picked up Heroes of Ruin so now I want to play with some fellow duders. Mine is 2921-9307-9878

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Hi everyone

My name is Stefan (thats also my username) I mostly play Kid Icarus Uprising

If anyone plays from time to time, or wishes to add me regardless my FC is

2277 - 6826 - 3445

just notify me if you add me


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Nickname: Behonkiss

Friend Code: 1504-6873-3698

Send me a PM if you add me and I'll be sure to add you back.

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Friend Code: 5026-561-4662

If you add me just PM me on Giant Bomb to add you back.

Looking for plenty of people to play and connect with.

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nickname: chuck

friend code: 0817-4816-4833

PM me if you are adding me so I can do the same for you.

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Name - Shoobs

Friend Code: 1375-8439-7779

PM if you added me so I can add you. Cheers.

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Here is my friend code:

Name: Mando

Friend Code: 3866 - 8863 - 0226

Just PM me if you are adding me so I can do the same for you.

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Mideon - 4768-7535-1219

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phil - 0645-6103-2526

#566 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@blalala: Sorry to be a pain, but I recently got a new 3DS and as such have a new friend code.

1075 - 2145 - 7916

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Hey duder's. I dont have many online games at the moment, however I'm hoping Christmas will change that.

5069 - 5027 - 9458

Just PM me if you add me and I'll add you back ASAP. I'll also start working my way back through the comments last to first and add some of you guys!

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I'll throw mine in here. add me to the wonder grid!


Pm me if you add me.

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Just picked up a 3DS.


PM me and I'll add you!

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Name - Lea

Friend Code: 1762-4086-2831

PM if you added me so I can add you.

#571 Posted by NerdOnAWire (23 posts) -

Name - Chase

FC - 2836 1108 4015

PM me if added so I can do the same

#572 Posted by Mendelson9 (464 posts) -

FC 3566-1703-0433

I need friends. Send me a PM if you add me.

#573 Posted by Hector (3523 posts) -

Just bought an XL.

Friend Code: 1950-7490-4631

PM me if you add me.

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Just gotten me a regular 3DS.

My friend code is 2852-6923-7248. Already added a few in this thread, I just hope they still use their 3DS'. It's not like there's many games for it :(

Send me a PM if you add me, and I'll add you right back :)

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Just got one today! Better late than never! 0533-4184-7804

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Might as well add mine:


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I spent £169 on a Pokemon Dream Radar machine.



PM if you add me.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Might as well add mine:


comes back as not valid

#580 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -


Turns out the first 7 should be a 4.

#581 Posted by insouciant (853 posts) -

Nickname: Vegas 2AM

Friend Code: 1118-1028-9858

PM me if you are adding me so I can do the same for you.

#582 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

Nickename: Vaancor

Friend Code: 2036-6396-4785

Shoot me a message if you add me so I can do the same. Also, love toying around with Swapnote.

#583 Posted by ljgpliskin92 (187 posts) -

Nickname: Whiskeydik

FC: 4055-3264-6548

Just PM me! Let's be friends!

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I've had my 3DS for about 6 months and need more friends.

2707 - 2749 - 9642

Add me and PM me your code!

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Hello, fellow duderinos! I just got a 3DS this week, and I am quite enjoying Fire Emblem: Awakening. Perhaps we can be 3DS friends! :)

Friend code:3582-8757-9827

Just PM me with your code and we're set!

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my friend code is 0103-9245-0344

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pm me ur code if u add me

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LETS DO THIS 4468-2202-2357

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How do I find it?

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just got mine about a week ago for $129

Nickname: Wheredyago

Friend code: 4313-0266-5877

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feel free to add me. 1134-7195-2895

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Im new to the forum. I just got a 3ds xl a week ago and the only game I have is scribblenauts! And i like swapnotes.. Add me :) 4656-6293-2950

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be my friend on 3ds write back when u do


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Finally saw this list.

micahchiles 0989 2318 4548

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#598 Posted by Hokageboy (2 posts) -

3DS FC:3926-4895-9621

message me if you added me and put your fc too

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3Ds friend code 4940-6527-1888

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3DS Friend code 2380 - 3033 - 4120 name = Ryan

Hope to hear from you soon PM me if you add me

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