3DS Friend Code Exchange

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has anyone friended me

#602 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1590 posts) -

Nick: Tran

Code: 1607-2078-7784

Specifically looking for new stationary on swap note, but I'd be more than happy to draw some Animal Crossing stuff for fun! Just need to pm me so I can add you back.

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Add me

Username: Eethan_zed

Friend code: 2878-9643-2264

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I just bought a 3Ds for Fire Emblem. Giant Bomb made me do it, so you guys better be my friends! :D

nick: rich
code: 1650-1673-7647

Also, who doesn't want someone from Austria in their friend list?

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0130-1989-9149 Go add it.

#607 Posted by mr187uk (174 posts) -

Timmii 3368-1572-5124 . Why Nintendo,why, can't I sync my friends from my Wii U?

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I've waited 2 years to be added to this chart! Someone hunt down @marino's shit and add him to the chart for me too. I wanna see that motherfucker's town in 30 days. I want to see everyone's town! Everyone buy Animal Crossing even if you need to trade in your PS3s to do it. Paragraphs.

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2707 - 2749 - 9642

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let me know if you've added me and I'll add you back.

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I had to get a new 3DS so that means I have a new Friend Code... Add me. 2836-0144-5267

Can the original list be updated?

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Hi people

I just signed up

Will you join my friend list?

I'm enjoliveur and my fc is 0430-8306-7238

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Add me 2337-3699-7037

I play Mario kart

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Hey my name is Matt. Add me with the fc 0877-0403-9778.

Send me a message when you do, and I will add you a.s.a.p

I play a lot of games, and am looking forward to animal crossing, and would want to play together or trade. Thanks!

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Feel free to add me, send me a PM and I will add you too :)


Waiting on that Animal Crossing AND The Denpa Men 2!!!

I have 10+ games or so, haven't REALLY started getting into my 3DS until recently. Just been picking up the games I know I will be interested in and playing 20 minutes or so to get the feel. Still haven't even gotten into Fire Emblem Awakening! I know...I know...blasphemy :P

#617 Posted by Lkpleas26 (2 posts) -

My FC is 2750-1188-9954, please add me back!

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Hey, just bought a 3ds and will be jumping in on Animal Crossing as soon as it's released.

User: Rafaelfc

Friend Code: 1693-1258-0750

feel free to add

#619 Posted by royo26 (4 posts) -

@blalala: hey whats up recently got my 3ds and is dying for friends to play mario karts or or something here is my fcode: Royden 1134-7729-7797

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@rafaelfc: hey whats up recently got my 3ds and is dying for friends to play mario karts or or something here is my fcode: Royden 1134-7729-7797

#621 Posted by Mrbobbobson (2 posts) -

@gaff: add me, bro! Dan - 0018-0889-7271

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Ryan - 0705-2635-9033

I guess Animal Crossing is mostly the reason I'm tossing my name on here.

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Zak - 4253-4911-1518

I'm looking forward to Animal Crossing.

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and my user is


#625 Posted by nexey (11 posts) -

@stefanm: mine is 5069-4109-9424

and my name is kassra

#626 Posted by Dismay (10 posts) -

Dismay - 2492-4331-8165

Mainly for Animal Crossing

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#628 Posted by StallionDuckRev14 (2 posts) -

My name is Joe xD I just want to add more ppl on my 3Ds my code is 0387-8828-3309

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#630 Posted by Callin123 (2 posts) -

Hey, my friend code is 0817-3803-7125. I play animal crossing new leaf, add me so we can play.

#631 Posted by minidiablo148 (2 posts) -

Friend Code: 4699 - 5993 - 8564

QR Code
#632 Posted by Reisz (1606 posts) -

Hit it! 4184 - 1783 - 7257

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Franky :4227-1077-3358

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

#634 Posted by nexey (11 posts) -

my friend code is:5069-4109-9424

Name: kassra

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I'm a new member and an active mario kart 7 player. Feel free to add me!

5472 - 6745 - 5880 kwanho

PM me your Friend Code and I'll be sure to add you.

#636 Posted by bigpookey (2 posts) -

My friend code :)-0130-9916-9297 Username-Cloaked

#637 Posted by duffles (31 posts) -

Friend Code: 1676-3722-4010

Name: Duffles

Please PM me so i can add you

#638 Posted by DexterKid (677 posts) -

Cyrus _ 5257-9554-3618

Let me know if you add me. I've got Animal Crossing right now.

#639 Posted by royo26 (4 posts) -

i just would like to say thanks to all who added me and here is my code for those that haven't yet add me. name Royden -1134 7729 7797 please send private message with you name fcode. :)

#640 Posted by Metalman781 (91 posts) -

3024-5691-9867. If you add me pm me your friend code

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I added you @fellage

my friend code is 0318-7147-5745

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I'm new to this site and my code is 4484-7909-0761! I play a lot of Mario, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing. I look forward to having friends on my list who play the same games as me.

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@kwanho: i just added you :) I Love Mario Kart 7

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Anybody have any unused eShop codes that I can have or a link to a forum that's giving away unused codes?

BTW my friend code is 1547-5644-9418. I have Kid Icarus Uprising and hopefully I am able to buy SSF4.

#645 Posted by mwrizzle (9 posts) -

Hey all, new to the forum and would love to exchange friend codes. Just picked up a 3ds:xl

Along with project x zone, FE: Awakening and Animal Crossing

Looking for ppl to hang out with: PM me if you want to exchange that way!

Mine is 4914-3630-1378

Playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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I need friends to add me for animal crossing new leaf please.

I have peaches, bananas, coconuts and lychee.

Friend code is 5429 6602 7744

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Please add me:


#649 Posted by PhoenixRush (5 posts) -

Hello everyone. ^-^ Heres my friend code: 0516-7430-3127 Add me, thx. ^•^

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