3DS price drop, going to be $169 on August 12th.

#1 Posted by RE_Player1 (7944 posts) -

Story is here. Really weird but awesome for consumers and at least early adopters get some games. Was this due to poor sales or did Nintendo see the Vita's price as a threat?

#2 Posted by captain_clayman (3347 posts) -

wow, this thing is starting out pretty poorly for nintendo.

#3 Posted by niamahai (1409 posts) -

thank god i waited!

now ima gonna go get one and play....

...what is there to play on the 3DS?

#4 Posted by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -

That was fast.

#5 Edited by Juicebox (495 posts) -

DS like domminace incoming?
i would jizz if megaman legends was revived lol

#6 Edited by Asurastrike (2251 posts) -

That's a pretty huge cut for only being out 6 months. I would be pissed if I had bought one.

#7 Posted by Marokai (3293 posts) -

Wow, that is a serious cut. Nintendo must really not be happy with sales.

#8 Posted by 1p (798 posts) -

Think about how big their profit margin was with the $249 price point, if they can drop it to $169 just like that.

#9 Posted by RE_Player1 (7944 posts) -

@Bib said:

Think about how big their profit margin was with the $249 price point, if they can drop it to $169 just like that.

My thoughts exactly. Also I bet they were trying to figure out ways not to shit on their day 1 fans and eventually someone said fuck it give them like 20 games :P

#10 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Now just bring on the games and we have a deal, Nintendo.

#11 Edited by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -
@Bib: Unless... I'm not saying it's likely, but could they be trying to sell at a loss now? Make it up in games?
I mean, the hardware on the 3DS doesn't seem like the sort of thing that's cheap.
#12 Posted by RE_Player1 (7944 posts) -

@Ragdrazi: Has Nintendo ever sold hardware at a loss?

#13 Posted by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -
@RE_Player92: I don't know. Have they? Probably not. But that doesn't mean that they can't set the price to whatever they want it to be.
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Wow. I maintained from launch, right through E3 that Nintendo would never ever drop the price less than a year after releasing a new piece of hardware, and I never would have dreamed 80 bucks. Sure glad I held off, though I might still wait. This makes it clear that Nintendo knows they did something wrong, and I'll bet the farm they'll have a hardware revision revealed within 12 months. Tales will be so tempting though...

#15 Posted by RE_Player1 (7944 posts) -

Do you think these free games make up for the sudden price drop? Personally I'd be kind of bummed but that's me.

#16 Posted by Juicebox (495 posts) -
Are you anti-Nintendo or something? geeze
#17 Posted by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -
@Juicebox: Uh. He hasn't said anything provocative yet.
#18 Posted by SamFo (1639 posts) -

Great so now Australians only have to pay $250... Oh wait our dollar is stronger and the USA! So how much do we have to pay?... Oh wow, 250... Crazy

#19 Posted by SlashDance (1863 posts) -

@RE_Player92: I couldn't care less about Nes and Gameboy games.

I don't know about the US but in europe when Microsoft cut the price of the original Xbox a few weeks after its release, we got a controller and I believe 3 games. Not exactly the same situation here, more time as passed and the drop is not as substantial, but giving us NES games is ridiculous.

Better than nothing I guess but I don't know that I will download a single one. That's how much I care about the nes and the gameboy at this point.

#20 Posted by Juicebox (495 posts) -
i guess so.
 lol oh wow.
#21 Posted by bennym6 (480 posts) -

damn already got mine, This is directed at sony

#22 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Well im buying one

#23 Edited by awadnin (293 posts) -

wow nice price :] 
(i bought one at  launch) but i am happy for price drop :]

#24 Posted by VicRattlehead (1416 posts) -

If it drops to £100 over here ill buy one no problem

#25 Posted by Bollard (6338 posts) -
@SamFo said:
Great so now Australians only have to pay $250... Oh wait our dollar is stronger and the USA! So how much do we have to pay?... Oh wow, 250... Crazy
Nintendo are absolute arseholes when it comes to currency conversion. In the UK it lauched at like £220 to America's $250, when £220 = $ 355.45 
Slight markup in price there you Nintendo bastards?! Also the eShop is so fucking expensive as they do a like 1:1 dollar to pound rate. I'm not paying £5-7 for DSi Ware which is like 5 bucks (£3.50 for something). Ridiculous.
#26 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19816 posts) -

Tempting price; still no games. Will buy when they start coming out.

#27 Posted by hwy_61 (1029 posts) -

I'm hoping this price drop will mean there will be a 3ds XL. That would be awesome.

#28 Posted by Noct (334 posts) -

This is slightly offputting for about 3 seconds because I already own one, then I realize this is exactly what has happened on EVERY piece of electronic hardware I've ever bought, and I'm less upset... When 3DO dropped from $700 to $350, I don't remember getting anything but a headache...
Granted, it's really early to be dropping this much, but unless you're afraid N is going to stop supporting it (doubtful), this is actually great news for people that already own one.  
I don't really care all that much about VC, but I must admit, I am blown away at the titles they are offering. Talk about the cream of the crop... Not only that, but at the usual price-points of $3.99-$7.99 for most things on that store, 20 free games is a lot more then I "lost" in this deal.  
Not only that, but the great news here is that this is most likely going to get people buying them (especially based on the comments I've seen), which can only help the Third-Party market gain some more interest in this device. And really, TP titles are the ONLY thing this hardware is lacking. It's a fantastic piece of hardware with a great looking lineup of FP games for the next year. We get the TP support the DS had, and we'll really have something here.

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