3DS SCAMbassadors Roll Call

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Hey fellow bombers!

Since I knew I was going to get a 3DS sooner or later and probably not before another price drop occured, I did some snooping and picked myself up a pre-discounted 3DS for $169.99 AND logged onto the eShop to get myself into the ambassadors program. I'm just curious, did anyone else do the same?

Also my friend who bought his 3DS like 2 weeks ago is really mad o_O











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@StarvingGamer: Where'd he buy his 3DS? A lot of places will match the price.
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@iDarktread: No idea, didn't bother to ask since I was too busy mocking him.

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Hellz yeah!

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I got mine for $189 on amazon.ca I dont know why they were only selling 1 for that price though. It was brand new too sealed package. 
This was back around April or May.
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Yep, I bought a 3DS last night at a target for 170 bucks. I didn't actually buy any actual games for it, because there really aren't any 3ds games that appeal to me(yet). I just couldn't pass up the 20 free games.

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I bought mine yesterday for 200$ at Walmart. Since they'll give me the 30 dollars it's going to drop as long as I bought it within a week, I'm pretty happy. 

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Proud 3DS scambassador here. Walmart, $170.

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@natural_deadhead: Only thing I can think of is maybe it was an Amazon seller and not Amazon directly?

@BlastoTheSpectre: Me neither, I was thinking about the Tom Clancy game cuz I like tactical RPGs but they didn't have it at the Target I went to. I did end up foolishly spending $40 on DSiWare today however.

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I bought mine day one for $244 (after work discount and credit card discount)....Does that make me a Scambassador?

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@Jazzycola: Nope, just a sad panda :'(

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Proud 3DS scambassador here. Walmart, $170.
Awww yeah son, right there with you!
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Walmart $170. 
Recommendations aside from Zelda, Scribblenauts, etc?

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Just entered the thread to tell you how happy youve made me by introducing the inevitable urban dicitonary term "scambassador" to me. Not quite worthy of its own wiki page, but certainly whatever section of the 3DS bio page here on GB talks about the price drop games the bold/underline headline should simply read "Scambassadors"

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The 3DS was eyeing me but I decided to pass on it. I don't care for the free games, I'll wait till Luigi's Mansion 2 is out.

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Haha, "scambassador", that's pretty good.  Yeah, I'm definitely part of that club.  I don't have any games yet so I've been messing around with the 3d camera and checking out .mpo files from places like 3dporch.com.  Hope all fellow scambassadors remembered to log in to the store on time!

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I got mine at target for $170, $200 after the 2 year replacement coverage and taxes. Got Pokemon Black (never owned a DS) and Zelda 3D

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@theandrewtaylor@fancifulunicorn Haha, I was so proud when I came up with the term, I just wish I had a way to get it to catch on.
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haha scambassadors, thats brilliant. more power to you guys hope the OP gets edited with the names so we can salute you

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I bought mine around release and I haven't gotten any indication of whether I'm an Ambassador or not... I'll just have to presume one of you guys stole my place!

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I got mine in June, but it was a birthday present so I ain't mad dog. Hopefully one day Nintendo will release a game worth playing online on the 3DS and we will all have a reason to exchange friend codes.

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my ambassador news post disappeared. anyone else? 
edit: also a scambassador

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@buft: Done :D

@Westrunner: The Ghost Recon Shadow Wars game they did a QL of looked pretty fun if you're into tactical RPGs. I ordered a copy from Amazon yesterday.

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If Iwata hangs himself in his office, it'll be because of you guys.

Any other cause of death, completely unrelated to you guys.

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@RobbleWobble So did mine, I wouldn't worry about it.
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I wonder if there will be any repercussions for retailers selling the discounted 3DS early. There won't be... but there totally should be. It undermines the whole idea behind the "we're sorry, we're so, so sorry" 'free' games.

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What if this scambassador double-discount thing is what they were planning the whole time... make the consumer think they are getting a real "steal" to trick them into buying now...

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Me I think, I bought my £DS on launch, and I have logged into the 3DS shop and bought stuff, so hell ya!

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@MaFoLu said:

I bought mine around release and I haven't gotten any indication of whether I'm an Ambassador or not... I'll just have to presume one of you guys stole my place!

Yeah I don't know how they confirm it but I've logged into the eshop a few times before the 11th and haven't really gotten any special notification or anything
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@Jack268: Some people said that they'd got a message in the News section of the eShop saying "You're an Ambassador!" or something like that.

That's why I'm worried I won't get my games, since I haven't got anything like that...

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@Jack268: @MaFoLu: There's no real special notification. It was just a news post in the shop talking about the ambassador program.

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Put me on that.  being a scambassador was the only reason I bought one.  Bought mine at wal-mart and went into the e-shop an hour later.

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I wasn't going to buy the 3DS before the price drop (here in Portugal the price drop happened exactly on the 12th, no store I know of was selling it for the new price before that date), thing is, there was a store here that was closing and was clearing out everything, they had a sweet sales pack containing a black 3DS + Zelda: OoT for around 180$. Didn't even think twice, so I ended up buying it exactly on August 11th! Funny thing is, they also had the 3DS, seperately, for 250$, lol.

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