After the 3DS?

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What do you think will come after the 3DS? All systems are backward compatible to the last system now, so it will still have 3D. I'm guessing the next handheld will just have a higher resolution and more memory? What do you think they will call it? The 3DS U?

#2 Posted by egg (1487 posts) -

it doesn't have to have 3D to be backward compatible

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I don't think they will have 2 screens.

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@egg said:

it doesn't have to have 3D to be backward compatible

Oh yeah, you could just play it in 2D. That's good because I don't really like the 3D feature anyway.

#5 Posted by isomeri (1540 posts) -

Nintendo will bring back the GameBoy.

#6 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Three Screens!

#7 Posted by Abendlaender (2921 posts) -

Whatever they do, I hope they bring back the Gameboy Printer. Also, whatever they do I probably end up getting one cause I actually love handhelds

#8 Posted by Begilerath (175 posts) -

I think it should be a tablet with buttons, like the gamepad for the WiiU but actually portable (smaller and independant from the WiiU) but with the option to connect to the WiiU and use it as another controller. In an ideal world this would allow to liberate some of the power of the WiiU to make games perform better. In and fantasy world this table-thing would be powerful enough to share the processing load with the WiiU and together run games comparable to the next gen games...that is never going to happen but I think it would be cool if it did.

#9 Posted by MedalOfMode (293 posts) -

Call Featured Handheld Tablet Console with 5D (Chair Rumbles)

#10 Posted by hidys (1029 posts) -

The Nintendo 4DS

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