Anyone else watching Nintendo's 3DS Conference?

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#151 Posted by Hailinel (23689 posts) -

@Enigma777 said:

@Hailinel: PoR had none of the charm of the GBA games. Once they went 3D it was like a completely different (and inferior) experience.

I actually preferred the gameplay and story of Path of Radiance to the GBA games.

#152 Posted by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

I think I'm going to get my money's worth (only paid $100 for this thing) so I'm not disappointed. I'm glad I waited for the price drop and other 3DS deals or I would regret buying this thing. Now to finish Ocarina 3D.

#153 Posted by Enigma777 (6057 posts) -

@Hailinel: Heresy!

#154 Posted by Hailinel (23689 posts) -

So this will be a huge conversation piece on the Bombcast tomorrow, I imagine. And they will devote at least half the discussion of it toward their continued bafflement regarding the popularity of Monster Hunter.

#155 Posted by ChrisInCali (146 posts) -

My opinion:

Incredibly underwhelming press conference. Nothing of note for most gamers outside of Japan was announced besides Fire Emblem, which I'm not even sure could be consider a "big" title really.

Mostly just games we have known about for months, that won't be released until an unknown date in 2012. It's still going to be a pretty stale year for the 3DS in 2011 outside of Mario 3D Land.

Mario Tennis and Mario vs Sonic at the Summer Olympics for $40 each. No thanks.

Second circle pad not announced, but does that mean it's not coming? No, it's definitely still coming. I haven't seen confirmation that it was fake at all yet. My best guess is that Nintendo decided to not announce it at the press conference after seeing the massive backlash it got all week from the "leak."

Monster Hunter was by and away the really only "big" thing announced. A title that has only caught on in Japan. A series I've tried to get into, but personally don't care for.

So for me this entire thing just reaffirmed my choice of waiting on the 3DS being the right one. I don't see myself wanting this hardware anytime soon.

#156 Posted by Mechwing (265 posts) -

unless you know. they recorded the podcast yesterday.

#157 Posted by Tacoboy1986 (143 posts) -

NO CASTLEVANIA!!! What madness is this!

#158 Posted by RecSpec (3754 posts) -

Monster Hunter 4 and Mario Tennis. Hell yes!

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