Digital Downloads, how are they validated?

#1 Posted by CoverlessTech (763 posts) -

What are 3DS eshop purchases attached to? I can't seem to remember creating an account or anything...

Say I was to buy Fire Emblem from the eshop, then in the future I got a new 3DS(this one broke, upgraded to a new version). Would I still be able to play my eshop purchase on that new device? Or is it attached to the device?

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i think it's attached to the device, but the 3DS has a system transfer tool that lets you transfer your stuff (and licence, i suppose if something like that even exists with the 3DS) to another system.

with that said, i wonder how it would work out if you broke your 3DS.

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Yeah, that's why I'm kind of nervous to buy anything on the eshop. On one hand I love digital downloads as I don't need to switch out carts, but if the game is literally stuck on that one 3ds it doesn't really seem worth it.

#4 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

The account is automatically created when you first access the eShop. It's tied to the the device, so you can't access your downloads onto any other 3DS unless you transfer the account with the system transfer tool.

#5 Posted by Tan (427 posts) -

They can be attached to your Nintendo Club account to prove that you own them, but it's not actually utilized in any way.

So yeah, it's stuck on your system. As much as I love digital downloads, the situation is kind of hanging by a pinkie.

#6 Posted by Flappy (2406 posts) -

Is that really how that works? Wowzers! Nintendo sure is silly!

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Nintendo refuses to break out the cash to have a proper account system. Instead, there DRM solution is to tie digital purchases to the system. For most people, I assume won't be a problem for a system's active life time. However, it just sucks if a system is stolen or breaks.

Still, didn't stop me from buying a few eShop games.

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