Is it for me ?

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Hello there !

i own a PS3 and i have been a playstation guy since early days. My one and only nintendo console was the SNES, i was 5 by that time.

I've been kinda bored with my PS3, i'm looking for a different gameplay, different gimicks and clever mechanics in my games... kinda tired of the ultra productions with amazing cutscenes and "accessible" gameplay.

Do you, 3DS owners, think i'd benefit from a 3DS right now ? ooh and 3D is not something i enjoy much, my head hurts watching long 3D movies.

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@elandir: I'd say go for it.

We haven't seen yet that much creativity on the 3DS retail wise, but it's probably comming. On eShop though, you have several titles that might interest you.

But what we have seen is a mass amount of weird and different DS games, that are compatible with the 3DS.

Since you missed this generation of handheld gaming, now would be a good time to jump in, while DS titles are still widely available.

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There are so few games out for both the vita and 3DS, where I wouldn't recommend either right now. But if you want a few things in the library, I think the 3ds is a safe bet.

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I think it's a good buy, there are some great games out for the system at the moment. And you could always turn the 3D off if you aren't a fan.

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Depends on the type of games you liked on PS1/2 that you aren't getting right now on PS3. But if you like Japanese games at all, I'd recommend it. Sony consoles and Nintendo handhelds have been a pretty great combination, in my opinion. Check out the upcoming 3DS stuff and the original DS library to see if it's for you.

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I guess it depends on how badly you want Super Mario 3D Land.

i'm looking for a different gameplay, different gimicks and clever mechanics in my games... kinda tired of the ultra productions with amazing cutscenes and "accessible" gameplay.

Have you looked into PC's? There's a whole lot of games that aren't "ultra produced" nor "accessible" in the "dumbed down so even the stupidest can play it" sense.

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There's a lot of cool stuff on the 3DS. Go for it! Also, don't write off the 3D just yet. My eyes tend to get sore by the end of 3D movies, but I don't seem to have this problem on the 3DS. I'm not really sure why, maybe it's a viewing angle thing. I actually play with the 3D slider turned all the way up.

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Get a DS Lite instead.

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@Sooty: this is probably a dumb idea.

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@MAGZine said:

@Sooty: this is probably a dumb idea.

Well if he wants a lot of quirky different games then there's no better place!

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Best time to go for it

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3DS is compatible with DSI and DS games, ain't it ?

I rather go with the latest tech... i never played Ocarina of Time and its a classic i do want to play. As i said, i've been playing PS games since forever (14 years to be correct), all nintendo stuff will feel new to me.

How is the online play with the 3DS ?!

oooh and about the accessories and the XL... would you tell me what is worth having ?

A friend of mine is selling his 3DS for a reasonable price... Maybe i'll go for it.

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