Is Nintendo overreacting a bit?

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I'm not really sure why they felt they needed to make such a drastic price cut. Yes $250 is a bit high but I really don't think it is a major factor in the poor sales nor do I think it is due to people being happy with a smart phone. I have an iPhone and it does not work for real games. How can they not see that the biggest problem is that the 3DS has been out for 6 months and there are still 0 games that really make it worth buying a 3DS. Sure OOT is fantastic but it's the same game many people have already played. After that there is ... Street Fighter? Fighting games are still a niche genre and definitely not a system seller, especially when it is a port of a game that anyone who cares about it probably already has a better version.

The massive price cut screams of panic and really puts the 3DS in a bad light which is unfortunate because I think it is a great device and am really enjoying it even though most of my enjoyment has come from playing DS games that I had missed out on. Don't worry about dropping the price, don't give us free retro game just get your shit together Nintendo and release some fucking proper games and the 3DS will be fine. If only they had held back on releasing the hardware for a year it could have been the massive success they were hoping for.

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@Hunkulese said:

Most of my enjoyment has come from playing DS games that I had missed out on.

That is one of the many answers to your question, Nintendo were right to drop the price, hopefully sales will pick up now and some games start coming out!

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Perception was already fucked. The narrative shifted to "3DS is underperforming" months ago. Nintendo has nothing to lose except all the profits they're used to making off their hardware.

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They needed to drop the price and now focus on marketing it as A NEW HANDHELD!! You don't know how many times I've talked to parents and kids about the 3DS only to see they think of it as a regular DS with 3D.

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I think I get it now. Nintendo is changing posture. Switching away from the causal market it helped create, because the causal market has moved to devices made by Apple that they can't complete with in terms of price or functionality. The problem is, they're trying to drag as many causals with them as possible on the Wii U by making the controller look and behave as much as the device they're losing to as possible. And unless that system can pump out better performance then what's on the market right now, it's not going to go far.
This is a nail biter for Nintendo isn't it.

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I think it's more a jab at Sony than anything. "Ha! You wish you were able to match our price point. F*** off and die, $250 Vita!"

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I really don't care because the 12th is the day i buy a 3DS.

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